Are you looking for some activities to do at home with your family? Look no further! These simple activities will keep you busy (and happy) all weekend long.

10 Weekend Activities for Kids

Break out some educational games

Do you know the benefits of math games? Even the simplest card games (like Blackjack!) will help support your child’s number sense. You can find different math games online and print them off at home or order a few fun educational games online to keep your kiddos entertained!

Become a family of writers

Grab a notebook and start writing. One of the best ways to become a better reader or writer is to do more of both! Writing as a family, and sharing your writing aloud, shows your child the importance of writing and allows them to experiment as a writer, free of judgment. This isn’t the time to critique their writing! Just let them write and then praise what they do well so they can enjoy writing and are willing to try more and more and more. They will get better through practice.

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Choose something in your home to switch out and make more sustainable

There’s no need to go “all-in” but why not slow down on your paper towel usage? Or stop using plastic and switch to a more sustainable option? This blog post shares plenty of ideas for small changes you can make in your everyday life. Give one a try this weekend!

Spruce up your phone background

Why not change up all your tablet and phone backgrounds to something seasonal and fun? There’s plenty to choose from no matter the season. Just browse them all on the blog!

Switch out your home library

Every home library needs a refresh. Take all the books off the shelves, rearrange them in a fun manner, and pull out some that you want to re-read, finally read, or donate. Pull any seasonal books to the front, so you’ll be more likely to reach for them, and make sure you get your kids in on the action too!

Hold a read-a-thon

Remember in elementary school when you would wear your pajamas to school and read all day? Well, host one in your living room! Break out the sparkle lights, build a tent, get comfy and cozy, and lay around and READ all day! Grab a stack of books, let your kids grab a stack of books, and just start reading. Break up every 60-90 minutes with a brain break and snacks!

Happy family reading books in bed

Add some greenery to your home

Do you have some plants sitting around that you’d love to hang from the wall? Follow these simple steps to create a DIY hanging plant. Or get those vines under control with a fun and simple DIY trellis.

Create a fabric book with family photos

A fun activity to do as a family, create a fabric book for your children. Let your children choose what photos they want to include and then use this DIY Fabric Book Guide to create one together!

Find a new interest and dive in!

Is there something your child has been wanting to try? Like a new recipe, or learning how to fix their bike? Give it a try this weekend! Your child can learn SO MUCH for trying something new. And hey, it’s okay if they fail! A lesson is still learned!

Senior man helping his son and grandson fixing upside down bike outdoor in city park in summer day. Family relation different generation concept.

Have a Zoom breakfast date with a family member

Take some time to share breakfast (or lunch or dinner) with some friends or family. Have a virtual date online and say HEY! This is a great way to stay in touch with long-distance family or friends and teach your children the importance

kids with mom and dad taking picture together while having breakfast

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