Going to the beach or lake is a great family experience, but it’s important to be environmentally responsible while visiting and only bring eco-friendly water toys with you. Plastic toys can quickly wash away, polluting our waters and hurting aquatic creatures. Instead of the traditional plastic beach toys, consider purchasing sustainable toys that won’t harm Mother Earth. These 10 eco-friendly sand, lake, and beach toys for children will help you be more responsible without breaking the bank.

This list is broken up into two sections. Section one includes biodegradable toys, which will eventually break down entirely if lost in the ocean or lake. The second section consists of eco-friendly toys made from recycled materials. They’re not necessarily great for the sea but are still an environmentally conscious purchase.

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Biodegradable Beach, Lake, and Sand Toys

Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Sand and Beach Toy Set

This set of sustainable water toys is a personal favorite and the one we purchased. The bamboo fiber makes the toys heavy-duty but also soft to the touch. If they were to go missing in the sand or water, they would completely break down into harmless organic matter within 12 months. THAT is a good toy.

Kids Beach Toy Set from The Beach People

This gorgeous beach set is eco-friendly and made from compostable materials with a hemp rope handle. It’s also the exact same set as the one above! The only difference is that this one comes in four gorgeous, muted colors and is a little pricier. No matter what you choose, it is a fantastic addition to any day by the water.

Sustainable water toys made from rubberwood

Beach and Sand Toys Made from Rubberwood

The non-toxic and sustainable materials that make up these beach and sand toys mean they’re a durable option for your Summer adventures. It’s also one of the most affordable eco-friendly water toys options available.

Rogue Wave Certified Compostable Beach Toys

This set of compostable beach toys is made with a special plant-based plastic that will compost on its own after a long life. It’s made in the US, BPA-free, oil-free, and, as Rogue Wave states, worry-free!!

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While the beach provides many amazing opportunities for people of all ages, it can be challenging to go to the beach with kids. Here are some simple tips that you use if you plan to take your children to the beach this summer.

Recycled Bamboo Sand Bucket & Toys

These adorable eco-friendly beach toys are made from bamboo fiber, perfect for any minimalist family. The bucket takes the form of a bird, the shovel is a manta ray, the large scoop is a whale, and the sieve is a turtle. Add them to your beach bag or bathtub for year-round play!

Eco-Friendly Garden and Sand Tools

Made from natural bamboo wood, these eco-friendly and straightforward water toys are great for sensory bins! I adore the child-friendly prints on the shovel and rake. The shovel has whale engravings, and the rake has turtle engravings. And at just $10, the Sand Stamps are a unique twist on eco-friendly beach toys, but I can envision some outstanding play opportunities with these guys!

Creative Sand Play Set

Made from sustainable rubber tree wood and painted with organic pigment, these traditional beach toys will make a fantastic addition to your afternoon at the beach!

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Sailing Boat with Seal Water Toy

This super adorable boat and seal are made from rubberwood and non-toxic paint and dyes. By purchasing this charming character for your water time, you’ll know that you’re keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals (and Mother Earth will thank you too)!

Wheat Straw Boat

These gorgeous and sustainable floating boats can be stacked or linked for endless fun! They are made from wheat straw composite, making them biodegradable and sustainable while being lightweight and water safe. We love them in the bath, pool, or playroom! 

Eco-friendly Beach, Lake, and Sand Toys

Tide Pool Bath Set

While this sand playset is not biodegradable, it is made using 100% recycled plastic, which is pretty cool and leaves a light footprint! If you can’t purchase something biodegradable, an eco-friendly water toy from Green Toys is a fantastic option!

I see this set out in public more than any other option, so if you’re already at the beach and need some toys, keep an eye out for this beauty. They sell these at our local aquarium and most local surf shops. Please, support locals when you’re able.

Is silicone more environmentally friendly than plastic?

Yes! While silicone is not a great option, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic. Silicone is also more durable than plastic, so it lasts longer. It is made from silica, which is derived from sand. Manufacturing silicone does not involve mining for crude oil, which is how most plastics are made.

Silicone Beach Toy Set

This Silicone Beach Toy Set from The Saturday Baby is made to last and is more durable than plastic! Not to mention a more eco-friendly alternative. Better for our planet, especially the ocean.

Making the Most of Your Biodegradable Sand, Lake, and Beach Toys

So which environmentally friendly beach toy are you going to choose? While going to the beach or lake is a great family experience, it’s vital to remain eco-friendly while visiting and only bring environmentally friendly water toys with you. Whether you’re looking for a more responsible toy for the beach or to create a more sustainable life, you’ve come to the right place. Plastic toys can wash away quickly, polluting our waters and hurting animals! Instead of the traditional plastic beach toys, consider purchasing toys that won’t harm Mother Earth by selecting one of the fantastic eco-friendly water toys above.

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