Having a free-spirited and creative child can be an exhausting job as a parent, especially when you’re constantly trying to find activities they enjoy doing. With a particularly artistic child, it’s important to nurture these qualities thoroughly so that they can channel their interests in a positive way. Whether you’re getting crafty with playdough or cooking in the kitchen, there are so many different ways to learn and explore together. Depending on the age of your child, you may find that certain activities are more well-suited to some than others. Following your instincts and using your child as your guide is the most important thing, so that they feel thoroughly engaged during the process too. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, here is some inspiration below to help channel your child’s creativity in a beneficial way.


Having a paintbrush in your hand and a blank canvas in front of you is not only a fun creative activity, but it’s also extremely calming. If you’re looking for an activity to relax your child and give them creative freedom, painting is the ideal choice for you to explore. You can pick up some inexpensive washable paint from your local craft store and it will keep them occupied for hours on end.

Paper Crafts

Doing intricate and creative crafts with paper is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to channel the artistic flair in your children. Paper is readily available in your household most of the time, so it’s likely that you’ll always have the materials you need for your project. You may be interested in How to learn origami with your child, so you can work together to make beautiful, elegant paper creations.

More Activities for Children

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Playdough and Clay Modelings

There’s something about playdough and clay that attracts a child right away. The malleable nature of playdough makes it versatile and extremely fun to play with. They can make all sorts of fun creations and enjoy the different colors and textures of the material too. Play dough isn’t just about keeping those tiny hands busy while you finally sip that cup of coffee (although, hey, no judgment here!). When your child sits down with a lump of play dough, they’re signing up for a mini masterclass in a multitude of skills. You can learn more about the benefits of playdough HERE.


Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic creative activities you can enjoy doing with your child. Although you may want to follow some recipes together to begin with, there is something freeing about adding your own creative ideas and love into your dishes. From classic favorites such as chicken pot pie to delicious desserts like chocolate cake, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and teach your kids how to fall in love with cooking.


Children can come up with some of the most abstract, funny and clever creations when they are simply handed a piece of paper and some pencils. Drawing is a calming and relaxing hobby that can really be enjoyed by anyone. Whether your child is following along with drawing tutorials online, or using a special book to create their favorite characters, there are so many reasons to encourage drawing on a day to day basis when you’re at home with your little one.

Creative Essentials

Art Workshop

Art Workshop for Children is not just another book of straightforward art projects. The book’s unique child-led approach provides a framework for cultivating creative thinking and encourages the wonder that comes when children are allowed to freely explore the creative process and their materials.

Cardboard Creations

Featuring more than 20 sustainable art projects (with more than 75 different variations), Cardboard Creations shows you how to inspire creativity without having to buy fancy art supplies.


There is no activity in the world that is more freeing and adrenaline inducing than dancing, especially when you’ve got your favorite music blasting through the house. You don’t necessarily need to take professional dance classes in order to feel the benefits of dancing. It’s a creative hobby that gives your child the freedom to do what feels right to them so they can have a positive outlet. It’s also a brilliant form of exercise that should never be underestimated too. Just twenty minutes of high intensity dancing is enough to keep your child fit and healthy in the long run.


Having a casual and fun sing along in the car, or setting up a karaoke machine at home for a full lot rehearsed show are two brilliant ways to encourage singing for your child. Without even realizing, your child probably sings every day and it will make them feel good too. Singing has the power to release feel good endorphins through their body, so it not only lifts their mood but also gives them a fun creative activity to enjoy. This Dance Music for Kids playlist on Spotify is one of our favorites!

4 Creative At-Home Activities for Infants

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Giving your child the tools to enhance their performance skills in the form of acting is so powerful. Not only will it boost their confidence to the next level, but it will also give them tools to handle big public speaking events as they get older. If your local area has any acting classes for children, it’s highly recommended to enroll your little one so they can reap the rewards of this creative activity.


🍃 Embrace the Outdoors for Creative Inspiration! Sitting down with a pen and paper outdoors may transform the mundane into a fountain of creativity. Encouraging your child to engage in creative writing under the open sky not only enhances their storytelling abilities but also significantly improves their vocabulary and handwriting skills. This fun and therapeutic exercise is not just about crafting stories; it’s about building foundational skills that will benefit them throughout their educational journey. Dive deeper into the wonders of outdoor writing and creativity on the blog – Click here to read more and unlock a world of imagination!


Decorating can interpreted in a number of different ways, but it is basically all about feeling free and adding your own touch of personality onto a project. Whether they’re decorating a birthday card for a family member or decorating freshly baked cookies, this is a creative activity that every little one is bound to enjoy.

Unlock a World of Learning and Fun for Your Little Ones!

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above will give you some inspiration when it comes to setting up and encouraging your child to carry out fulfilling activities. You want your little one to feel excited and passionate about the crafts and activities they’re doing at home, so it’s important to expose them to an array of options whilst they’re young. They will soon be drawn to a particular type of project, and then you can start nurturing their creativity in a way that suits them. Whether they’re trying out acting at a local class, or they’re exploring their cooking skills at home, there are so many different ways to encourage unique creativity in your child and watch them thrive as they experience new possibilities.

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