Do you feel like you’re always on the lookout for new beginner snacks for your infant or baby? These 12 Amazon must-have snack ideas will make life easy and have the best snack options on your doorstep in less than two days!

My 12 favorite baby snacks

Disclaimer: These snack ideas for your baby are just suggestions. You should always use your own judgment, read the packaging and recommended ages and skills provided by the company that makes the snacks, and check with your pediatrician before serving them to your child.

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1. Fresh or frozen fruit in a silicone or mesh feeder

Silicone teethers from amazon

I love going the more natural route, so introducing fresh fruits and vegetables to my baby is a no-brainer. But sometimes I don’t want to cut everything up or blend everything to the size or consistency necessary. These silicone feeders allow you to drop some fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables into the pouch, close them up, and your baby can suck on the foods and mash them with their gums, safely. Win/win!

2. Organic teething wafers snacks for your baby

These organic teething wafers were our children’s favorite! They are so easy to pack, simple to hold, and dissolve easily in his mouth.

3. Organic baby puff snacks

Easy to eat puffs for your baby to snack on and enjoy

These are a great starter o-shaped cereal! These organic baby puffs dissolve easily, are loaded with good fruits and veggies, and pack in the diaper bag with ease. A container of these constantly remains in our car, always ready to be enjoyed when necessary.

4. Organic yogurt melt snacks

YUM. Even my husband and I enjoy these! These organic yogurt melts are yummy, melt easily in your mouth, and offer a different texture for your child. Introducing multiple textures and tastes while your child is young is important!

5. Cereal travel packs

Travel baby cereal

When you’re on the go, these little cereal packs make it easy to fill up your child’s tummy and provide them with great protein! They are even great for your picky toddler.

6. O-shaped Cereal for your baby’s snack

o-shaped cereal that is full of flavor, from Amazon

O-shaped cereals are awesome for helping your child develop a pincer grasp. They also travel easily and are so yummy! Keep a small container of them in the car or diaper bag and you’ll have a happy baby. You can also pair it with a Cheerio’s Play Book to make it extra fun.

7. Freeze-dried creamies

Organic dairy free and gluten free vegetable bites for your baby

Freeze-dried food has so many health benefits! It does a great job of maintaining its nutritional value and really helps reduce food waste. These freeze-dried creamies are dairy and gluten-free (YAY!) and travel well. Just keep an eye on your child’s clothes because they can make a mess. But what food doesn’t at this age?

8. Organic lil crunchies

Little bites loaded with vegetables for your infant

These little crunchie snacks are so fun for little hands! Our son loves to grab them and munch, munch, munch. I love that they’re loaded with real veggies and have a good flavor. These remind me of the round “cheese puffs” for adults – but are way yummier.

9. Organic baby food packets

You guys. These organic baby food packets are so great for making sure your child gets plenty of fruit and veggies. And they are my go-to snack when I’m pregnant or just in a hurry! We always have them stocked in our pantry, car, and diaper bag because they make it easy to fill your child’s belly with yummy nutrients. And be sure to order the EasyPouch below!!

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10. Organic baby food packets with EasyPouch

Baby food pouch holders

And make sure you are always stocked with a few of these pouch holders. They are serious LIFESAVERS when it comes to snack ideas for your baby! I can put a pouch in here and not worry about him squeezing the food everywhere. It was as easy as holding a bottle of milk, for him!

11. Arrowroot baby biscuit snacks

Biscuits for babies to enjoy and help with teething

Is your baby teething? These baby biscuits are an awesome snack for your baby to nibble on. They are also awesome for your little baby’s hands – easy to hold and get to their mouths!

12. Krusteaz protein muffin mix for your baby

Delicious blueberry muffins with extra protein from Krusteaz

If you’re the type that enjoys baking but doesn’t always have the time, these boxed muffins from Krusteaz, with extra protein, are awesome for your little ones! I received these muffins complimentary in exchange for a review but would recommend them (and do purchase them) on my own! I like to make them in mini muffin tins and then cut them up into baby-sized bites. And my husband and I love eating them too (which is a great bonus)!

Looking for more meal and snack ideas for your baby?

Be sure to grab my free meal plan and ideas for your baby located in the Free Resource Library! It’s full of weekly food suggestions for your growing baby, from 4-12 months.

Want more meal and snack ideas for your baby?

Be sure to grab my free meal plan and snack ideas for your baby located in the Free Resource Library! It’s full of weekly food suggestions for your growing baby, from 4-12 months olds.


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