12 Amazon must haves for baby's first month

What items are my Amazon must haves for baby’s first month? Great question! I wondered this my entire pregnancy and never seemed to find a good answer. What should I have prepared when he comes home? What is a waste of money? Now 4 months later, I feel comfortable sharing what I actually needed those first four weeks. And luckily, Amazon has them all. (DUH – are we really surprised?) Here are my 12 favorite (and well used) items in the beginning.

Snuggle Me Organic

A complete skeptic, I didn’t think we would use a sleep lounger. However, I was gifted a used Snuggle Me by a friend. I started using it our first night home when our 3 day old baby began rolling onto his side as soon as we set him down. I wasn’t getting any sleep if he was rolling all night, so I decided to give it a try. The Snuggle Me comforted him and kept him safe. It’s another Amazon MUST HAVE for baby’s first month, for sure. We used it for all sleep (nap and nighttime) until about 10 weeks, when he began to show signs of wanting to roll. Even though he didn’t roll until 16 weeks, it was better to be safe than sorry. Transitioning out of it wasn’t too difficult and went smoothly. I highly recommend grabbing one to help you with sleep.

Amazon must have for baby's first month - Snuggle Me Organic Sleep Lounger

Sound Machine

Another Amazon must have for baby’s first month, we started using this sound machine in the hospital and it has been a life saver time and time again. Our portable one stays on his car seat and can instantly calm him down. The stationary one is in his nursery, near the crib. We also have one in our room that we use! Inside the womb is LOUD, so babies aren’t used to silence when they come out. The white noise helps them block all the weird new noises they’re hearing so they can sleep better. If you don’t want your baby reliant on a sound machine, you can always wean them off it later on. But honestly, I still use one and sleep SO much better with it. You can also download a White Noise app on your phone – which I’ve used in a pinch. It’s so nice to have something that you know can help comfort your child sometimes. Now. when Lachlan just hears the white noise, his eyes get droopy.

An Easy Swaddle + Pajamas

The hospital swaddles are great and all – but they made me nervous! The fabric kept moving up towards his face or coming undone. I needed an “easier” swaddle. I love the velcro and zip options that are available now. And our baby is fancy and needs the fleece ones to keep extra warm. Cotton just isn’t snuggly enough for him. You may feel bad wrapping your tiny baby up like a burrito but you shouldn’t! They were squished inside you for 9 months and miss the comfort of your womb. A cozy swaddle helps recreate that feeling and can calm their startle reflex, which makes this item another Amazon must have for the first few months. And with the right pajamas, middle of the feedings won’t be too challenging. I LOVE the zip up pajamas that have mittens and footies built in. Seriously – BUY NO OTHER PAJAMAS for your newborn! Zippers and mittens are where it’s at!

Amazon must have for baby's first month velcro swaddle and sleep sack

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Diaper Stations

Newborns need frequent diaper changes which can get exhausting. I had a c section so carrying baby boy into his nursery and to the changing table for every diaper was a bit much, so I went ahead and created a few diaper caddies around the house. I found THESE cute baskets and snagged some changing liners too. Toss in some wipes and diapers and you’re all set! I kept one station in our living room and another in our bedroom. This made it easy to do the middle of the night changes as well. I just plopped us both on the floor, couch, or bed and could change a diaper immediately. (Just make sure to lay down a liner or you’ll definitely regret it!) Definitely not speaking from experience here. Nope, not at all.

Amazon must have for baby's first month diaper baskets

Bold Books

I was shocked at how long our baby would stare at bold books and patterns. PRAISE. My favorite books in those early weeks were soft ones (in case they got knocked over on him) with strong contrasting pictures. He laid on his back staring to the side for extended periods of time. This was good for him because it entertained him and worked his brain, but most importantly, it allowed his body to move and figure itself out, versus sitting in a swing or lounger. It also strengthened his neck, which made tummy time easier! Amazon has a ton to choose from but these seemed to be Lachlan’s favorite.

Amazon must have for baby's first month bold and high contrast books

An Activity Gym

Lachlan also used an activity gym frequently. He loved laying in it and staring at everything around him. We lined the sides with the bold books mentioned above and he probably spent a good chunk of his awake time in here. It made me feel better than leaving him in his swing or lounger. 4 months later it’s still a favorite. I even travel with it – Amazon to the rescue with another must have item for the first month!

Amazon must have for baby's first month activity gym

A Boppy Lounger

Even though I preferred laying our boy in the activity gym, we used the HECK out of our boppy lounger. It probably got the most use out of anything else that first month, making it an Amazon must have for the first month, in my mind. The lounger moved all around the house with us and Lachlan would snuggle in it and stay put for good chunks of time. He even napped in it! I tried to always put him down in his crib or bassinet for naps, but a quick snooze in the lounger was totally a norm.

Amazon must have for baby's first month lounger

Motion Sensor

I quickly realized that I was not one of those “cool moms” who trusted her baby was breathing all night long. I needed back up. While a motion sensor isn’t going to prevent SIDS, it gave me just a little more data. I love the one we found. It’s not overly expensive (as far as these things go) and it’s very sensitive. It’s gone off a few times and, as far as we know, has been a false alarm. But I’d much rather it go off and us run in to find a breathing baby than the alternative. It has two sensors that lay under the crib mattress (I’ve placed it under our bassinet mattress and pack n play mattress too which is a must) and turn it on and off when he’s in there. It becomes just a normal part of your routine and isn’t a big deal, especially for the peace of mind it can provide you.

Coffee Maker

Momma, TREAT YO SELF. I registered for a fancy new coffee maker and GOT IT. Making some coffee in the morning was got a little nicer and a lot more fun. And let me tell you – some days that means more than you could ever know.

Small Baskets

Our house now has about 10 tiny baskets everywhere. They range in size and purpose, but are all equally important. Baby stuff adds up quickly. It wasn’t long before I was getting overwhelmed and frustrated with where everything was. One day I found a small basket that wasn’t being used and stuck a few pacifiers and other odds and ends into it and then placed it next to the couch. Problem solved! I began rounding up baskets like a crazy person and using them to coral items that don’t have a “home.” Small teethers and toys all have a basket. High contrast books have a basket. Vitamin D (a necessity for breastfed newborns), gripe water, and Tylenol have a basket. Having a home for everything makes it much easier, so even though it seems silly, these are an Amazon must have for baby’s first month when you’re trying to figure out where everything goes.

12 Amazon must haves for baby's first month small baskets

Tummy Time Pillow

Tummy time in the beginning can be so hard! But the benefits are mighty. I did not do nearly enough tummy time in the beginning. Maybe 5 minutes here or 5 minutes there. One day I managed to sneak in 20 minutes of tummy time and the next day I could instantly see a difference in how baby boy held his head up! From then on I became an advocate for tummy time, shooting for at least 10 attempts or about 35 minutes every day. I never let him cry during tummy time, so how did I get it all in? I used some tools! This tummy time pillow was a ginormous help! I can’t recommend it enough – it’s definitely an Amazon must have for baby’s first month. It was low enough that my tiny baby could use it but still helped him sneak that tummy time in.

Amazon must have for baby's first month tummy time pillow

A Bassinet

As recommended by the AAP, our baby boy slept in our room with us every night. This worked out really well until about 4 weeks in… but that’s a completely different story. This simple bassinet was so helpful! It is affordable, comfortable, and easy to use. The Snuggle Me Organic fit into the bassinet easily and the motion sensor simply clipped on the side.

12 Amazon must haves for baby's first month bassinet

Side Note

Newborns really only need YOU. So while the Amazon must haves for baby’s first month may help – it’s all just a blur, and for good reason; you and your baby are both trying to figure each other out still. Just make sure you focus on keeping your baby happy by offering them with enough food, sleep, and clean diapers. They may not always take that nap or eat that food, but at least you’ve offered it. Remember to call in reinforcements when you need it, sleep when your baby sleeps (seriously!), and feed yourself! If your baby is alive at the end of the day, you can call it a win!

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