These March and Spring-themed board books for babies are some of the cutest and most entertaining books out there right now. Our three children love to read these books, look through them and bring them to our laps, to read together.

Why add March Themed Board Books for One-Year-Olds to Your Home Library?

Just like it’s important to rotate your child’s toys, it’s equally important to rotate your child’s books. Presenting them with engaging books (that are perfect for them to handle – hellllo board books!) and letting them explore a rich home library will help foster their love of reading. It may seem silly to present your little one with books even if they’re not reading. But flipping through pages is a very important precursor to learning to read!

Our Favorite March Themed Board Books for Babies

Never Touch a Dinosaur from Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

Starting off our March-themed board books for one-year-olds with this fun textured book. Each page has a different rubber dinosaur which makes it ideal for little fingers! And check out those KG Fonts!?

I Can Be Anything! by Jerry Spinelli

One of my favorite authors, Jerry Spinelli, wrote this picture book and it’s too good! It rhymes, has fun, silly pictures, and encourages children to be themselves. What more can you ask for in board books for babies?

Hello, World! My Body by Jill McDonald

I love the Hello, World! series of books, as I’ve mentioned before. So this book is no exception. One thing I really love about it is that it’s also a diverse book. It shows children of all races which continues to teach our son that his skin is not the only color out there.

Make teaching your little one a cinch with these books and my activity guides!

The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day by Patricia A. Pingry

This is a great story about the life of Saint Patrick and how we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day today. I was nervous that it may be too wordy for a one-year-old but was pleasantly surprised at the simple language and fun pictures in the book! I know it will be one we enjoy every March for years to come.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day by Roger Priddy

This cute rhyming book is full of shiny clovers on a search to find a leprechaun. Your babe will love going along on a search to find a lucky little guy.

All Kids Are Good Kids by Judy Carey Nevin

I’ve shared this book over and over for good reason. All Kids Are Good Kids is full of bright illustrations and an even brighter message. I especially love the diverse families and the differences in the children. Families are all different and it’s important that our son frequently sees this represented. And it’s less than $6!!

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All Kids Are Good Kids
I Can Be Anything
Wish Upon a Rainbow
Never Touch a Dinosaur
What’s on My Farm?

A colorful book that goes through every color of the rainbow, Wish Upon a Rainbow is my FAVORITE right now. Our son is really into noticing different colors right now so this book is so helpful for him.

Wish Upon a Rainbow from Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

You’re My Little Honey Bunny by Natalie Marshall

An adorable book, with fun cutouts, Lachlan loves flipping through and feeling all the different shapes! It’s also a rhyming book, which is ideal for kids at this age!

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Baby’s First St. Patrick’s Day by DK

I’m a huge fan of these simple “Baby’s First” books! They’re a great introduction to basic topics and help build context clues for future reading. When a child is reading a picture book in Kindergarten, knowing that Saint Patrick’s Day is known for its leprechauns and rainbows, will help them decode those challenging words. When they see a picture or think about the topic, they’ll have a better chance of q1a`reading the book successfully.

What’s on My Farm? from Priddy Books

A super cute, interactive book, What’s on My Farm? is ideal for little fingers. The tabs are sturdy enough that my son shouldn’t break them, and the pictures are full of details for him to explore!

Sagittarius by Sterling Children’s and Lizzy Doyle

This collection of astrology board books is TOO GOOD. Seriously, I want one for both me and my husband. They’re gorgeous and provide a cute insight to your child. We also have a star named after our daughter, Hope, so showing Lachlan where that is in the constellations is really cool.

The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun by Jeffrey Burton and Sanja Rescek

It’s March, so why not embrace all the Saint Patrick’s Day books? This is another fun one, full of rhymes and adventure!

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The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day
Shiny Shapes: Happy St. Patrick’s Day
The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun
Baby’s First St. Patrick’s Day
You’re My Little Honey Bunny

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