As a passionate educator at heart, I am intimately familiar with a parent’s desire to prevent Summer slide in their little (or not so little) ones. That often translates to stocking up on workbooks, calling up tutors, and mandating reading hours. But, we need to have a chat. All this well-meaning prep often saps the joy out of learning. That’s a big “no-go” from this side. So, instead, let me share some simple yet dynamic ideas that can empower your children to become independent learners, prevent Summer slide, and do it all tear-free!

Embrace Reading!

Hear me out: read, but let’s strip away the chore-like vibe. The rewards don’t always have to be a free Pizza Hut pizza. How about making it a family affair? Visit your local library, each of you pick out 5 books, and watch the magic unfold. When your child sees you carrying a book everywhere, you’re teaching them a powerful habit. And let’s get this straight – audio books are just as fab. Those car rides? Perfect “reading” opportunities.

Celebrate Writing

Not the “write-5-pages-every-day” way, but through a delightful journaling experience. Show them how to capture their imagination, dreams, and random musings. The secret sauce? Your participation. Be their model. And let them explore their creative mess to prevent Summer slide. No rules, only fun!

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Champion Play!

Playtime isn’t just child’s play, it’s the foundation of innovation and critical thinking. That treehouse they’re building? It’s STEM 101. Allow them to explore, create, and learn through play. Trust me, it’s way more effective than any worksheet.

Instill Budgeting

Yes, you read that right. Guide them to manage an allowance. Make them plan their lunches, save for that coveted toy, or invest in savings. Starting young with money talk not only boosts their math skills, it also equips them for life.

Encourage Counting

Count things, group things, and skip count! For example, use nickels to count out $3.00 to help children practice skip counting by 5’s. This is also great for older kids. They can skip count by 11 or 12 (helllllo multiples!). Have them notice patterns and discuss how they know which number comes next to really prevent Summer slide. Do they use a trick? Addition? This can be done quickly and in passing throughout the day… it doesn’t need to be a “lesson.” Do it frequently and make it a fun game to make it authentic. Make sure you join in!

Limit Screen Time

Boredom might just be the most under-rated tool in developing problem-solving skills. Cutting down screen time forces them to engage with their surroundings, creating a foundation for creativity and resilience.

Foster Collections

Encourage your child to start a collection. Whether it’s rocks, stamps, leaves, etc. doesn’t matter. Once they start a collection, help them find a way to organize it, classify each item, and let your child research how to find more of that item. Make it a Summer project or an ongoing project but make sure they’re leading the charge – not you! If they mess up, it’s okay! They need to learn on their own.

Promote Research

Kids ask the weirdest things… next time that happens and you don’t know the answer (or you want them to figure it out themselves), say, “Hmmmm, great question. Let’s look into that!” Gather some resources for them (library books, amazon books, documentaries, informative Youtube videos, Podcasts, articles printed out, etc.) and let them research it on their own to prevent Summer slide. Ask them lots of questions about it at dinner or during your ride to the park. Encourage independent research and open discussions. Learning just got a fun upgrade!

Persuasion Power

Do your children keep begging you to go to the zoo or the water park? I don’t blame them – but maybe make them work for it. Say something like, “Hmmm… I don’t know. Why should we do that? I want you to pull together some reasons you would like to do that and why you think it would benefit the whole family and write me a letter/ create a PowerPoint/ make a poster convincing me.”

My Dad made me do this when I wanted a cell phone in high school and I was so convincing, I got one! It’s great presentation practice and makes children think about how to sell themselves, a great business skill and another amazing way to prevent Summer slide.

Cultivate Observation

Make a daily game of observing your surroundings and spotting changes. It nurtures curiosity and aids cognitive development. And honestly, it’s just an amazing way to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

Initiate ‘Cafe Culture’

Give rainy days a makeover! Turn your home into a cosy café. The rules are simple: Choose an activity, wear headphones, pretend you’re strangers. It’s a fun way to introduce them to a focused working environment.

Child in pajamas relaxing on a window sill with pet and reading to weekend with cat at home. Cozy scene, hygge concept.

Set Quiet Time

You deserve it and they need it! In order to rest their brains, children need some down time. Institute an hour of quiet time every afternoon. It can look however best works for you – but encourage them to go to their rooms (or somewhere low key) and enjoy some individual time. I love how Emily Ley does this. Her kids all go to their rooms, tell Alexa to set an hour timer, and then their feet may not touch the floor. They can read or play in bed, but they must stay there for an hour. This reflection and rest time makes a huge difference in preventing Summer slide. Brains develop and grow during periods of rest – don’t let this opportunity pass you up!

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