5 Day FREE

Reading Challenge FOR FAMILIES.


Day 1 - Colors

Gather some supplies - Books that focus on colors, crayons, paper, playdough, rainbow puzzles, sorting bears, and dot stickers, are a great place to start!

Today's Challenge

Sit down with your child(ren) and offer them three books about colors.


Day 2 - Shapes

YAY! I have a special surprise for you today! I'm sharing a copy of my Toddler Curriculum. It's an entire unit focused on SHAPES and making them extra fun.

Today's Challenge

Download your copy of the Shapes Unit from my Toddler Curriculum


Day 3 - Our Body

Books that focus on body parts, are a great place to start! I also recommend paper dolls, baby dolls, playdough, butcher paper and coloring utensils.

Today's Challenge

Sit down with your child(ren) and offer them three books.


Day 4 - Counting

YAYYY it’s Day 4! Can you believe this challenge is almost over?Today, you’ll want to gather any books you have about counting, numbers, or fingers and toes.

Today's Challenge

Sit down with your child(ren) and let them choose which book to read.


Day 5 - Alphabet

It's our last day and I'm so grateful that you've taken the time to join the challenge. It really means the world to me! Today we're going to be focusing on the alphabet. Gather books that go over letters, the ABCs, or are just family favorites! Couldn't we consider all books "alphabet" books? Ha!

Today's Challenge

Sit down and READ! Enjoy reading together. This is all about making time for reading and that's what is most important! BUT, if you want to take it a step further...

Ready to make this a daily routine for you and your little one?

My Play-Based Daily Activities for Toddlers is just what you need!
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I have loved starting to dive in and use this toddler curriculum with my two year old. I am a kindergarten teacher and love all the different components of the curriculum. I like how there are books and activities that go along with each unit and it all revolves around a play-based structure. We have used the tracks on a whiteboard and cut out the fun clip art pictured and colored some together. Racing around the track has kept us entertained for a while. I can not wait for the other unit to be released, especially the blocking and building one. I would definitely recommend this curriculum to others!
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This curriculum is so wonderful for my 20 month old son and so thorough! From day to day lessons to links for ideas on toys and books to encourage independent play (not needed for the lessons but a nice addition if your looking for ideas on what to get for that particular age) Kelly Anne really takes the guess work out of what is best for each age/stage and presents it in such an approachable way. This curriculum has been a lifesaver as we have a newborn and I strive to make my time with my toddler purposeful, special and fun. I’ve been referring to her daily lessons and have really seen an improvement in my son’s growing interests in the different themes and as well as his ability to focus and play independently.
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This curriculum is exactly what I have been looking for. I am an elementary school teacher, yet I have been on the struggle bus when it came to figuring out what to do with my toddler. It was completely stressing me out because I know how important early learning is. This curriculum has given me a purpose and a routine with my toddler that I desperately needed. I am now giving him quality, meaningful interactions versus my sporadic, “Okay, lets learn this random thing.” I L.O.V.E that I can use this curriculum without having to spend $$$ on extra supplies and materials. I do have the upcoming units listed on my phone so that way when I am out and about (TJMAXX, Marshalls, etc.) and see something that goes along with a topic, I know I am making a dedicated purchase. Also, side note- I love the watercolor pictures that are included (: I am going to frame a few of them to put up as playroom decor. They are beautiful.
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We love this toddler curriculum! As a former elementary and preschool teacher, it was important to me to find play-based educational resources for my little. This resource makes it so easy! Each week is themed and has EASY activities that relate back to the theme. You don’t need to go out and buy a ton of new stuff to have a fun week with this, which is great! Other curriculums I had looked at were full of very specific supplies and I did not want to spend the time or money tracking those down weekly. I also love that this program is child-led. It is easy to modify your activities based on your child’s interests – you can expand on an activity or keep it shorter depending on your needs. Another thing I loved was how easy it is to navigate the PDF. There are links to supplies/books she recommends, as well as easy to understand activity descriptions and step-by-step instructions on how to implement each activity in your child’s play. Overall, this is one of the best toddler-aged curriculums I have seen (and I’ve seen A LOT throughout my career). You will not regret your purchase!