Welcome to day 5 of the free reading challenge - the alphabet

Gather your supplies

It’s our last day and I’m so grateful that you’ve taken the time to join the challenge. It really means the world to me! Today we’re going to be focusing on the alphabet. Gather books that go over letters, the ABCs, or are just family favorites! Couldn’t we consider all books “alphabet” books? Ha!

Pull out some post-it’s and write a letter on each post-it. Think about your child’s age and what they know so far. I would only do letters from Lachlan’s name. But maybe you want to match upper case and lower case letters? Or vowels?

Create two of each post-it. Select a “home base” for this activity and place your first set of post-its on that wall or floor.

For example, I would write each letter of L A C H L A N on a post-it. Then, I would take the second. set of post-it’s and place them on the wall around the house.

Today's Challenge

Sit down and READ! Enjoy reading together. This is all about making time for reading and that’s what is most important!

BUT, if you want to take it a step further…

After reading, go on a letter hunt! Find the post-it’s around the house and. bring them back to your “home base” to match with the original set of post-it’s.


Alternative Suggestions

You can also do this activity with an alphabet puzzle. Hide puzzle pieces around the house and have them find them and put them in the puzzle. Hide all 26 letters or just a few!

Take a picture + Share it with me!!

Take a picture of your book or activity and tag me on Instagram with it, so I can see!

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow for some fun with letters!