Welcome to Day 1 - Colors!

Gather Your Supplies

Today's Challenge

Sit down with your child(ren) and offer them three books about colors. Let them choose the book to read and then enjoy reading it together. Use silly voices, make animal noises, HAVE FUN and BE SILLY together. That’s it. That’s the challenge.

BUT… if you want to take it one step further…

Use some of the items mentioned above (or whatever you have on hand) to do a simple craft or activity together! You can use the free lesson plan, below, to help you! While you do that, talk about the colors. Talk about the book. And talk about their day.

Grab your free lesson plan

A simple activity that makes talking about colors insanely easy and fun. Plus – this activity promotes independent play… the best way for your child to learn!

Take a picture and share

Take a picture of your book or activity and tag me on Instagram with it, so I can see!

Come Back Tomorrow!

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow for some fun with shapes!

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