Welcome to Day 3 - The Body!

Gather Some Supplies

Books that focus on movement, specific body parts, or the 5 senses are a great place to start! I also recommend paper dolls, baby dolls, playdough, butcher paper (or the blank side of wrapping paper), and coloring utensils. Chalk is also fun!

Today's Challenge

Sit down with your child(ren) and offer them three books about bodies. Let them choose the book to read and then enjoy reading it together. Use silly voices, make animal noises, HAVE FUN and BE SILLY together. That’s it. That’s the challenge.

BUT, if you want to take it a step further…

Grab the butcher paper or chalk and have your child lay down. Trace their body on the paper or ground. Then grab something to color with and work together to fill in the details! Start with their eyes, nose, mouth, and then work towards fingers and toes. After that, move on to hair and clothes!