Looking for fun and exciting activities to do with your infant? Many developmentally stimulating activities promote early growth and coordination, from tummy time and sleep play to drawing with fingers and playing on the floor. In this post, I’ll share 5 creative activities to do with your baby that will help set them up for success in the future.

Songs and Rhymes

Singing songs and enthusiastically engaging in rhymes with your infant is another stimulating activity to help their motor development. Carry your little one around the room singing a catchy tune to encourage them to use their arms and legs for movements. You can also collect fun stuffed animals, toys, and objects your infant loves and use them as props while you sing nursery rhymes to them.

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Tummy Time

This is one of the most critical activities for infants to do. Tummy time will help them grow strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills that they can use while interacting with their toys and other objects. Try laying your little one on their tummy, on the floor, or directly on your lap and hold them securely with your hands providing gentle guidance and support. 

Another way to engage your infant during tummy time is to add a variety of objects for them to explore. Place toys close enough for them to reach easily without straining themselves, such as rattles and board books. This way, they’re provided with visual exploration, learning cause-and-effect relationships, and understanding how objects interact. Not only do these activities help foster sensory development and motor skills, but they can also keep your little one entertained. It’s a win-win!

Repetitive Movements

Repetitive movements are an excellent way for babies to help strengthen their muscles and coordination. Activities like shaking a rattle or pressing buttons on a toy can be used for them to practice using their hands. Simple games such as tossing baby objects into a bucket, clapping hands together, or rocking back and forth will also challenge infants to use eye-hand coordination during playtime.

Bouncing and Rocking Games

Bouncing and rocking games are a great way to help infants build their motor skills. Try kneeling down with your little one on your lap, giving them gentle bounces to the rhythm of a favorite song. Also, help them learn how to rock back and forth as you hold them in your arms and sway slowly from side to side. You can even try setting them gently in a baby swing and letting them rock themselves if it’s age-appropriate.

Visual Tracking Games

Visual tracking games are a great way to promote eye-hand coordination and overall visual development with your infant. Examples of these activities are following the movement of a toy with their eyes, watching where a bubble goes, or tracing their fingers over pictures in a book. Visual tracking helps keep babies engaged while aiding them in developing hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

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