Looking for fun and unique activities to do with your infant? Of course, you can always stay inside and play around the house, but why not get out in the fresh air and let your little one explore the wonders of nature? Check out our list of 5 outdoor activities for infants that will simultaneously provide educational and entertaining experiences!

A baby smiles to a caretaker pushing them in a stroller

Go for a walk! 

Outdoor activities don’t have to be complicated–taking a walk is an excellent way for your infant to explore the outdoors. If it’s safe and allowed, you can even take your stroller off-road and explore different terrain that you won’t find in the city. It’s a great way to get out of the house, let your little one see new sights, and experience all that nature has to offer!

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A baby crawls along the grass while playing outside with an adult

Collect Nature Objects 

Exploring the great outdoors with your infant can be done in many ways. One activity is to collect natural items such as rocks, leaves, acorns, pine cones, and other found objects that you find interesting. These can later be used for art projects like painting or making impressions on paper. And collecting them has an added bonus: infants learn about shapes, textures, and colors when interacting with nature!

Observe Animals 

Taking your infant outdoors for some fresh air also provides an excellent opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitats. Point out the different types of birds and small animals you see and explain how they live and what they eat. This will help your infant learn ecology early while introducing them to all nature offers.

A young child is outside playing in bubbles that float through the air.

Bubble Fun

Introduce your infant to the exciting world of bubbles! Blow a few in their direction, then laugh as they reach up to catch them. This activity helps develop hand-eye coordination while adding a fun and lighthearted element to their day. Consider investing in a bubble wand or two if you want to make more bubbles!

Fingerpainting in the Sandbox 

Infants love to explore their environment through touch and creative activities. Set up a sandbox and give them access to finger paints. Using their hands, they can create all sorts of masterpieces as they learn to express themselves in new ways. As an added bonus, when the paintings are done, you can bury them and start the next day anew!

Spending time outdoors with your infants can be both enjoyable and beneficial. From taking a family walk to playing at the park, there are many different activities that you can do with infants that help to promote physical health, cognitive development, emotional growth, and language development. Grab your free list of activities to support your infant and have fun supporting them!

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