It can be a challenge to find snacks for kids that they love. Face it; most kids love the dirt. They even love bugs, perhaps because through the eyes of a child, other life forms are fascinating. But that is okay because they can learn about life, nature, and science by exploring them. Creating these fun snacks can make it fun for them and inspire learning.

Bug Themed Snack Ideas for Kids

Wormy Dirt

Obtain small, clear plastic cups, gummy worms, chocolate pudding, and some crumbled-up Oreos. Layer some pudding and cookies in the cup, inserting a few worms into the mixture. Top with the remainder of the crushed cookies. For good measure, leave a worm head poking out of the dirt.

Healthier Worm Dirt Option

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Homemade Ants on a Log Snack with Celery Peanut Butter and Raisins

Log Full of Ants

This treat is as easy as they come, and it is a delightful way to get kids to eat fresh veggies. Cut celery sticks in half, spread peanut butter on the inside of the halves, and place raisins (ants) in a line on top of the peanut butter. You could serve this snack with bugs in juice. Freeze raisins in an ice cube tray filled with water. Place the ice in light-colored juice so that it appears some of the ants left the log and fell into the juice. Kids love this fun bug themed snack.

Ants in the Sand

This snack is one that the kids will love to help make. Give them some plastic sandwich bags filled with graham crackers that they can crush, either with their hands or using a rolling pin or some other hard object. After the crackers are thoroughly crushed, let the children put some chocolate sprinkles in the bag. They can then shake the bag up so that the sprinkled ants scatter within the sand.  Let them eat the mixture with a spoon or over yogurt.

Caterpillar Crackers

To make a cracker caterpillar for your children, you need four round crackers. Top them with some cream cheese spread. Place the crackers on a serving plate in an overlapping fashion so that they look like a caterpillar body spread across the plate. You can use raisins or candy pieces for eyes. Licorice pieces make excellent legs, as do chow mein noodles. For an extra-buggy look, place your caterpillar on a bed of lettuce and pretend it is a hungry caterpillar munching on its leaf.

Ladybug Berries Snack for Kids

This snack requires melting chocolate, but it is well worth the effort. Place halved strawberries on a plate side down to make the ladybug’s body. Use halved blueberries to make the head. Melt the chocolate and then put it in a plastic bag with the corner cut out so that it releases tiny droplets of chocolate when the bag is squeezed. Put droplets all over the strawberries to make the ladybug spots. If desired, you can even draw antennas and legs on the plate with the chocolate.

Orange Slice Spiders

Grab yourself some clementines and shape them into a cute little spider! I know this bug themed snack is a hit for my children. You can also create legs using pretzels. The eyes can be created with candy eyes or marshmallows and chocolate chips.

These snacks are easy and fun for kids. You can make them year-round with your family and take snack time to a new level of fun. They are excellent ways to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables while learning more about the world around them, and they also make excellent, non-scary Halloween snacks.

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