Want a Montessori playroom but aren’t sure where to begin? It all begins with choosing the right toys for your child’s playroom each and every week. Here are the 6 toys to keep on your playroom shelves every week.

I choose 6 toys – one from each category – and place them on the shelves. On most Sundays, I go through the playroom real quick and rotate the toys, cleaning out extra toys that somehow found their way into the playroom. I also switch out toys that aren’t being played with. After a simple playroom toy rotation, there should only be 6-10 toys in the playroom, in total.

The 6 Toys for a Montessori Playroom

Montessori Playroom Toy 1 – A Current Favorite Toy

What is your child loving right now? No need to put those toys away! Keep them out for them to enjoy.

Three secrets to

Setting up a Playroom That Encourages Independent Play

When it comes to figuring out how to encourage independent play, you’d be surprised at the simple changes you can make to help support your little one. My e-course, How to Encourage Independent Play, walks you through all of the important aspects. But there are three quick tricks you can do today that will help your child engage in independent play.

Montessori Playroom Toy 2 – A Toy Focusing on Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination toys specifically help improve children’s attention span and support early language learning.

Montessori Playroom Toy 3 – A Toy Focusing on Language Learning

Toys that encourage sound (like “choo choo”) or animal noises will encourage children to identify and say new words.

Montessori Playroom Toy 4 – A Toy Focusing on Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are amazing at supporting motor skill development. They also encourage children to be creative and express themselves.

Montessori Playroom Toy 5 – A Toy Focusing on Daily Life Activities

Pretending to bake, do laundry, or use tools help children learn more about the world around them and enhance their ability to problem-solve.

Montessori Playroom Toy 6 – A Toy Focusing on Music and Movement

Playing music and dancing help the body and mind work together. Children learn coordination and are encouraged to be creative.

Montessori Playroom Bonus – BOOKS!

Always remember to rotate books in and out as well! Choose seasonal books and books that match your toys.

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