Have you been searching for sustainable and wooden children’s toys for your playroom? Me too! It’s hard to find a toy that is as beautiful as it is purposeful. Especially for toddlers. Peruse any toy shelf at Target or Walmart and you’ll see plastic toys aplenty. Unfortunately, plastic toys are quickly filling landfills and are often bright and distracting. I prefer earth-friendly toys with natural tones. Enter in wooden toys. Wooden toys offer an environmentally friendly option that is biodegradable in nature and can be recycled. Instead of filling our landfills with man-made products, I love buying toys for our family that will give back to the environment and these 7 sustainable toys for your playroom do just that.

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Our favorite wooden toys for your playroom

A wooden pikler triangle with the ramp and slide

Is a pikler triangle pricey? Yes. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. We got our pikler triangle and ramp when our first son was about 6-months-old and he began showing interest in crawling and climbing. Since we didn’t have any other children at home to model how to use it, he explored it at his own pace and with hesitant curiosity. It was the absolute best support for him and allowed him to build confidence pulling up, crawling up an angled surface, and eventually, climbing. It wasn’t until he was 14-months-old that he tried to climb over the top, and even when he did, it went smoothly because he was so comfortable with this toy.

The must-have wooden item for your family’s playroom

If I had to choose an addition to a playroom, it would absolutely be a wooden pikler triangle, hands down.

A Montessori screw board

When your child reaches 16-months-old, they’re ready to develop their wrist strength. This wooden Montessori screw board toy prepares their arms for holding a pencil (and writing!!), playing sports, building, and so much more. This bolt board is ideal for supporting a child in their current interests of figuring out how pieces work and go together, as well as providing them with necessary developmental support. Montessori toys and activities do a great job of teaching and supporting practical life skills.

Wooden climbing arch and rocker

We absolutely adore this gorgeous climbing arch and rocker. It’s a gentle variation of the Pikler Triangle and is awesome for little ones. It has been a superb addition to our playroom and our son loves climbing it, rolling his cars along with it, and using it for a hiding spot when it’s on its side.

Wooden Climbing Arch for Kids

A gorgeous addition to your playroom and the pikler triangle!

Wooden toolset, wooden kitchen utensils, or a wooden tea set

Whatever your child’s interests are, I bet you can find a wooden set of toys. I’m also a huge fan of supporting a child’s imagination. They don’t need fake coins or fake cucumber slices when small wooden discs can be imagined as both! Providing children with a wide range of materials (that don’t exactly have one specific purpose) is an amazing way to support their imagination. We purchased this toolset for our son to use alongside his father and so loves having his own set! And I’m stalking Odin Parker’s website anxiously waiting for their tea set to return in stock! These Wooden kitchen utensils are also an amazing addition to a play kitchen.

Wooden table and chairs for your playroom

These might not be toys, but our entire family adores the wooden table and chairs from Sprout Kids – and I highly recommend them for young children of all ages! They’re adjustable and so easy to clean. Our little ones love climbing into the chairs and eating snacks, completing crafts, or reading books. They kick their legs up and play!

Wooden blocks for playing and stacking

Is there anything better than a bunch of wooden blocks? Nope. I remember playing with wooden blocks as a kid and absolutely loving them. It doesn’t matter what shape or size they are – they’re FUN and perfect for supporting a child’s imagination!

Monti Kids Subscription

I honestly cannot recommend Monti Kids enough. My mother-in-law purchased a subscription for us and it has been amazing watching our son receive his wooden toys every quarter. They have everything laid out for you (when to introduce it, how to introduce it, and how to best support your child) and it’s really cool watching him learn and do something with a toy that is extremely developmentally appropriate. If you want to give Monti Kids a try, use THIS LINK to receive $60 off your purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Go make the switch to a more sustainable children’s toy and keep your playroom the best space for your child!

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