If you’re in the later stages of pregnancy, or ever have been, you’ll know all too well how agonising it can be waiting for those last few weeks to pass by. And not just because you want to meet your beautiful bundle of joy, but because there’s a good chance that you’re uncomfortable and ready to have that part of your body back. So, what can you do to make the last few weeks of pregnancy more bearable? Here are some great time-passing ideas to try.

Prepare the baby’s nursery

You’ve probably done most of the prep for your baby’s nursery already, but now is the time to make any finishing touches. You can take the time to make sure little touches like pictures on the wall and a reading nook have been properly set up. Not only that, the more time you spend in your nursery, the more of your smell will transfer which will help keep your baby settled.

Do arts and crafts

If you have other small children to entertain, then you’ll need to think of activities that will help keep them occupied too. Arts and crafts are a great way of keeping everyone entertained while also making something for a keepsake. Why not encourage your children to make something to welcome the new baby? For example, you could follow A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Macrame Dream Catchers to hang in your baby’s nursery. Or, you could ask your children to draw a picture to put on the fridge welcoming the baby into the family.


In just a few weeks your life is about to change, so you should take this time to get as much sleep as possible. Easier said than done though, right?! If you’re not sleeping much at night, take the time throughout these free days to get some sleep in. You may even benefit from using a pregnancy pillow when you’re watching TV or simply relaxing just in case you do nod off a little.

Go for walks

When your baby is first born you’ll spend a good few weeks inside getting used to your routine as a new mother. So, now is a great time to go out for some walks and enjoy the fresh air. Not only is exercise good for your physical health, but it can help stabilise your emotional health too. Some also say that walking and other forms of physical exercise can help prepare your body for labour.

See friends and family

If you’ve requested little to no contact from your friends and family when your baby is first born, then now is the best time to cram in some social time. Not only will it help prevent you from feeling lonely when your baby arrives, but it can also help pass the time in an enjoyable way. Whether you’re going over for dinner or playing board games, social time with those you love the most is never a bad thing during those last few weeks of pregnancy.


Once your baby is born you’ll have very little time to think about anything but the needs of your baby. So much so that you might not have enough time to cook nutritious meals for yourself. It’s important to take care of yourself as a mother not just for your own health but for the sake of your baby. So, in the last few weeks before your baby is born, take some time to prepare some meals in batches to freeze so that you’ve always got a healthy meal to enjoy, even if you don’t feel like cooking.

Enjoy alone time

Finally, as mentioned a few times in this article, your life is about to change in ways you can’t even imagine. So, take these last few weeks to enjoy some alone time, whether that be by taking yourself off for a long bath or organising a date night for you and your partner. Your life is soon to be filled with everything baby, and it might be some time before you get the chance to relax either alone or as a couple. 
The magical day of your baby’s birth will soon roll around, so while you might be feeling a little fed up right now, take this time to get the little things in life done, whether it’s adding finishing touches to your baby’s crib or simply enjoying a peaceful walk in the evening, you’ll thank yourself for it when your baby arrives. Good luck Mumma!

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