Hey fellow parents! Coming to you from the beautiful beaches of North Carolina, where I find inspiration as an elementary teacher and a parent to three beautiful preschoolers, I know firsthand that the picture-perfect movie parenting just isn’t the real deal.

Life changes with kids, much like the tide. And yes, it can get stressful, but you know what? You’ve got this. Let’s dive into some simple strategies to keep parental stress at bay, beach-style!

Don’t Take on Too Much

Parenting can sometimes feel like organizing the Von Trapp kids (pre-Maria, naturally). Just getting them ready for school feels like a marathon. But you know what? It’s all about balance, just like building a sandcastle. Set yourself up for success by commiting to the tasks that you enjoy, and let the rest flow like the tide. You don’t need to be a super parent. You already are one by being there for your little ones. And if it becomes overwhelming, I am a huge believer in finding the perfect treatment for anxiety for you.

Alone Time

Time alone is like those precious moments listening to a seashell’s whisper. Essential, refreshing, and revitalizing. Seek support from family and friends or grab those precious moments during school hours. And don’t forget, the other parent is there to share the joy and responsibilities. Take care of yourself, because a burned-out parent can’t ride the waves of parenthood.

Understanding the Compromises of Parenting

Life’s a beach, and then you become a parent! Those morning coffee shop runs may need to take a back seat. But remember, your little ones are the new adventures in your life. Adjust, adapt, and find joy in the new normal. Like the beach, everything changes, and you’re learning to ride those waves with grace.

Begin a Wellness Routine

Wellness is about being emotionally and physically strong, just like the sturdy piers we see along our coast. Keep it simple:

  • Drink water, reduce caffeine, and sugar.
  • Incorporate 15-minute daily exercises.
  • Stay off screens before bedtime.
  • Stretch and meditate each morning.
  • Eat nutritious meals.
  • Stick to a sleep routine as much as possible.

The kids may disrupt these routines, but like a beachcomber, find treasures in the interruptions and adapt. My experiences as a parent may help you find some support as well.

Find the Support You Need

One of the key issues that many parents overlook is trying to do it all themselves. Taking on too much will cause burnout, stress, and anxiety. And any of these can have severe mental health issues over the long term. Even so, there is a stigma around asking for “help.” Many parents don’t want to do this for fear of being judged. But it isn’t the help you need; it is support. A strong support network can carry you through the worst times, which happens to every parent.

Support as a parent is easier than you think to find. First, make sure the other parent is playing their role and taking equal responsibility for raising the children. There are also other support sources, such as your own parents, siblings, and local community groups. No one is saying to dump the kids on others. But asking someone to watch the children for an hour while you catch up on laundry isn’t an unreasonable request.

Avoid Parental Stress by Not Comparing

You know those parents who appear to have everything perfectly under control? Well, they don’t. They face the same struggles you do. They can just put on a better face and smile well. All the while, they are feeling stressed and anxious about life and parenting, just like you. And don’t even give perfect social media parents a second thought because anyone can fake anything on the web. In fact, research shows around 75% of people post embellished images.

Posting images to make yourself look better is common and even expected now. Everyone wants to look like they have a perfect life. But the worst thing you can do is compare yourself and try to have it, too, because it doesn’t really exist for the vast majority of people. Try not to be that parent you envy because you are you, and you can only be you. You are doing the best you can, and appreciating the love and care you put into looking after your own kids is all you need.

Appreciate Family Time

Time goes pretty quickly, and before you know it, your toddler is off to college. You can’t get time back, so appreciating what you have is vital. Enjoy creating loving memories with your kids, and remember they aren’t props for your social media profile. Who cares about looking like you have the best life ever? It’s the time you spend with your children that counts and will contribute toward making them well-adjusted and respectable adults. Then you can say you achieved it.

Of course, it can be trying sometimes, and not every day needs to be magical. But there are times when you can make special memories that nobody will forget. These are mainly the times of the year that pretty much everyone likes to enjoy. Examples include Christmas, birthdays, and national holidays. These are the best times to throw perfection out of the window. Then you can focus on celebrating a special day with care and compassion together as a loving family.

Your Beachside Parenting Guide

Parenting by the beach is all about embracing life’s chaos, much like the ever-changing tides. Commit to what you love, take care of yourself, embrace the changes, build a wellness routine, find support, avoid comparison, and most importantly, treasure those beautiful family times. You’re more than just a parent; you’re a lifeguard, a guide, a friend, all wrapped in love. Keep riding those waves. You’ve got this, and I’m right here with you. 🏖️

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Happy parenting!

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