Hey there, sweet friend! Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how we can make this joyful celebration even more special, and sustainable too! This holiday is all about bringing families and friends together, but it doesn’t mean we have to harm the planet in the process. Let’s talk about some simple yet effective ways to make your Easter more eco-friendly.

Choose eco-friendly decorations.

When it comes to decorating your home for Easter, opt for eco-friendly options such as recycled paper decorations or reusable fabric decorations. Let’s say no to single-use plastics or other materials that cannot be easily recycled or reused. Better yet – make your own decorations that you can save and reuse for years to come!

Use natural dyes for Easter eggs.

One of the most popular Easter traditions is decorating eggs, but have you thought about using natural alternatives instead of artificial dyes? You can create unique and beautiful colors on your eggs with natural options such as beetroot, turmeric, or spinach. Not only are natural dyes better for the environment, but they’re also safe for kids and fun to make!

How to Create Beautiful Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

Why settle for artificial dyes when you can use natural dyes to create beautiful and unique colors that are safer for you and the environment? I’m excited to share how you can use natural dyes for Easter eggs and why it’s a great idea!

Shop local for Easter treats.

When purchasing Easter treats such as chocolates and candies, try to shop locally. Supporting local businesses reduces the environmental impact of shipping and transportation, and also helps to support your community. Additionally, look for fair-trade and organic options to ensure that the products you are buying are ethical and sustainable. When you’re filling an Easter basket, opt for open-ended toys that will add to your child’s imaginative play, versus a toy they will outgrow.

Hop into Easter with these


Easter is just around the corner, and I know how much you want to make this day unique and memorable for your little ones. But let’s be honest, Easter baskets can quickly become a sugar-fueled disaster zone. So I’m sharing some Easter basket ideas for preschoolers that are not only fun but also sustainable.

Host an eco-friendly egg hunt.

If you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt, consider using eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic eggs. You can use reusable containers such as fabric bags or baskets, or even use natural materials such as painted rocks or seashells. Also, remember to properly dispose of any packaging or waste generated during the egg hunt.

Reduce food waste.

Easter is often associated with large meals and lots of leftovers. To reduce food waste, plan your meals carefully and only purchase what you need. Consider donating any excess food to local food banks or composting any food scraps.

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Choose Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts

Instead of the usual plastic toys or stuffed animals, why not try something that will make a difference? You can give reusable water bottles or sustainable skincare products, or even experiences like tickets to a local attraction or a gift card to a sustainable restaurant. Let’s show our loved ones that we care about them and the environment! My Sustainable and Creative Basket Ideas for Preschoolers can help get you started.

More Easter Inspiration

Are you looking for more Easter inspiration? Look no further! From DIY projects to yummy recipes, I have everything you need to make this Easter season special. Join me in creating a sustainable and simple Easter celebration that will fill your home with joy and love.

Use eco-friendly transportation

If you’re traveling for Easter, consider using eco-friendly transportation options like walking, public transit, biking, or carpooling. If you need to rent a car, opt for a hybrid or electric vehicle if possible. By making these small changes, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

Let’s make this Easter a celebration with the planet in mind! Whether it’s choosing eco-friendly decorations, using natural dyes for eggs, or shopping locally for treats, every little bit helps. By making these small changes, we can create a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. Let’s lead by example and inspire others to join us in making the world a better place. Happy Easter, everyone!

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