Are you heading out camping with your children soon? YAY! What a fantastic experience for you and them. While out in nature, take this opportunity to play fun outdoor games with your children. You won’t regret it!

Scavenger Hunt Camping Activity for Kids

My favorite thing to do when in nature is a scavenger hunt. This can be as simple as, “who can find the biggest leaf on our hike?” or as complex as “how many different birds can you see and name right now?” Encouraging your children to hone in on one simple thing is a great way to get them to focus on nature.

Read a Book Together or Alone While Camping

What’s better than sitting at a campsite, listening to nature, and reading a good book? Whether it’s a copy of my book Campfire Stories for kids, or one of their favorite books, sitting as a family and reading together or independently is a fantastic way to spend your time.

Must-Have Camping Resource

Camping with your family can be a blast. You can build campfires together. You can roast marshmallows. And best of all, you can tell stories. This camping book for kids is filled with amazing tales children will love sharing. From a mysterious fog to two heads in a suitcase, these stories are sure to excite and delight!

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Play a Card Game While Camping With Your Kids

I don’t need to remind you how fantastic card games can be for young learners (oh man, there are some outstanding math skills to be gained from playing cards), but be sure to include a deck of cards for your next camping adventure. They’re perfect for playing inside your tent as an afternoon rain shower passes.

Draw on the Ground and Play

Whether you use chalk on cement or sticks in the dirt, drawing in nature is a fun way to pass the time. Encourage children to draw what they see. They can draw plants, animals, families, or even a tent. They can also recreate the night sky if they can see anything the night before. This encourages them to use their memory and recreate an image.

Learn about Constellations

Is there anything more magical than the night sky? The stars, the satellites, the constellations… it’s all fantastic. Take this opportunity to teach your child about the North Star and the constellations you see. You can even use this opportunity to teach them about the history of your area, describing how stars and constellations helped our ancestors travel around the world.

Build and Create While Camping

Put your child’s brain to work and encourage them to build a structure from the materials they find in the woods. Deter them from breaking apart healthy plants, but show them how to find limbs and plants to make a tent-like structure, then let their imagination go wild. Kids of all ages will enjoy creating a “home” to play in.

Gather wood

Your children are a part of the family, which means they are equally responsible for camping chores. Put them to work completing simple tasks, like gathering firewood, filling water bottles, and tidying up the campsite. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work.

Cook over an open fire

It’s the perfect campfire activity. Everyone will love making smores around a fire and have even more fun coming up with the ideal s’more combination. Let them choose their s’more base (graham cracker, cookie, or pretzels – trust me on this one), then add a roasted marshmallow and their favorite type of chocolate. Hotdogs are also a delicious and EASY meal around the campfire. With so many options, you’ll have difficulty narrowing it down!

Have fun With Your Kids While Camping

Whatever you do – remember while camping, it’s okay to let go of your typical expectations. It’s okay to keep things simple and relaxed, and minimalistic. Your kids don’t need fancy toys or a busy routine. A quiet morning at the campsite can do wonders for everyone. Enjoy the family trip and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Get the Free Camping Checklist

Excited to go camping but nervous you’ll forget something? Have no fear – this free camping checklist will help you ensure you pack everything you need for yourself and your children. Grab it now and focus on the joy of going camping with your children!

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