Simple activities for your one-year-old, ready in minutes.

Activities for One-Year-Olds is the best solution for caregivers who want to support their children developmentally.

With monthly lists of age-appropriate activities, you can:


Use materials you already have in your house to setup engaging activities for your child.


Know exactly what type of activity will entertain your child while you make dinner.


Give your child all the tools they need to grow up happy and healthy.

The struggle ends today, friend.

Happy Note

  • AN ARSENAL OF SIMPLE IDEAS TO IMPLEMENT AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE – With this magical solution, you’ll be able to stop overthinking your child’s playtime and finally take action.
  • A FEW AFFORDABLE MATERIALS THAT YOU CAN USE MANY WAYS – I make it easy, quick, and heck – dare I say fun! Grab a few specific items and you’ll have everything you need!
  • THE ABILITY TO STEP AWAY AND LET YOUR CHILD EXPLORE – Just a few minutes of independent play can make a huge difference in how your child learns and grows.

Activities for One-Year-Olds

52 pages of knowledge so you understand exactly how to support your toddler in seconds – and without spending any more money on fancy toys that never get the love they deserve.

Let’s get down to business

Here’s what you get


Engaging Activities

Over 100 professional-level activities encouraging independent play, which is the best way for your child to learn about the world around them.

Kid Tested

Parent Approved

One-year-old approved play for your little babe. They’ll relish each new activity and you’ll like that you’re helping them acquire the necessary skills for their development.

Print or digital

Access anywhere

You can print it out, use your phone, or save it to your computer. (Or all of the above)! You’ll want to keep it with you at all times.

FAQs about your purchase of Activities for One Year Olds

You will be able to access your purchase immediately, in your Apple Slices account. AND you’ll receive all future updates to your purchase – your access never expires! Pay once and never pay more.

YES! Once you make your purchase, you’re going to hear from me NON STOP. #sorrynotsorry In the next few weeks you’ll receive the option to have a one-on-one meeting with me, you’re welcome to submit your playroom for a playroom audit, and you’ll be getting monthly updates from me – meeting you exactly where you and your child are.

No problem! We offer a 14-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee. We understand that sometimes you make a purchase and it doesn’t work for you. Just reach out and let us know – we’ll make your refund happen.

Get Your Own Copy of Activities for One Year Olds

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to second-guessing how to support your child and finally feel comfortable having everything you need at your fingertips?