With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to introduce these amazing Valentine’s Day crafts and activities that your preschooler (and the entire family) will love!

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Montessori Pin Poking

Pin poking is a Montessori-based activity. I love how you can make it easier or more challenging depending on the child and their interests.

You need something to poke through paper (like a golf tee or an actual pin poke) and a simple outline of an image printed on printer paper.

Your preschooler can use the golf tee or pin poke to poke small holes along the lines of the Valentine’s Day image.

Hold it up to the light to see anywhere you’ve missed. Basic shapes with guide dots, are perfect for beginners. Older kids can poke holes along an outline as a way to punch out a paper shape or picture.

If your child punches out a shape, you can paste it on a Valentine’s Day card or use it for a craft!

My Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities has three pages of pin poking shapes – differentiated to meet all ages!

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards

We had the BEST TIME making these simple Valentine’s Day cards for my son Lachlan’s class. Just edit the template, print them out on card stock (I recommend a light color, like pink or light blue), and get creative. We stamped the back of the paper (before cutting them) using the toilet paper heart stamping method below. After they dried, I cut them into individual cards, and Lachlan colored each one with markers and added some foam heart stickers.

This was his activity so I let him have as much artistic license as possible while creating. Each card was hole punched and tied onto a DIY Tic Tac Toe board to gift his classmates!

Use this FREE template to create your own!

Toilet Paper Heart Stamping Craft

Start gathering those toilet paper tubes early! Cut each tube in half and then push one side in, to form the top of a heart. Then shape the bottom part into a point. Your tube should be sturdy enough to stay in place on its own. But if not, you can use a dab of hot glue to hold the top in place.

Place some paint on a paper plate, let your child dip the heart shape into it, and stamp it onto the paper. We used the back of my free editable Valentine’s Day cards and cut them out. But it’d be so fun to create wrapping paper using this strategy. Or decorate postcards to mail out to friends! Your preschoolers will love this Valentine’s Day craft.

Heart Dice Toss Valentine’s Game

This is a fun take on hopscotch for your preschooler on Valentine’s Day! Print out the Heart Dice from my Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities pack. Fill up a balloon with rice or grab a bean bag.

Tape the Heart Dice to the floor and tape a line about 5 feet away. Take turns tossing the balloons onto a heart and then counting the dice on the heart. Move the piece of tape further away as everyone gets better to make it more challenging.

Craft and Send Valentine’s Day Cards

Is there anything better than receiving a postcard in the mail? I’m a sucker for snail mail, so this craft is a favorite around here. Using my Free Guide, you can easily request mail from family and friends for this Valentine’s Day. Once you receive a letter, use the postcard templates to reply!

Love Bug Sensory Bin

This is a great and cost-efficient activity for preschoolers. Just grab some rice, food coloring, and a tbsp of alcohol. Pour a cup of rice into a Ziploc bag, add several drops of food coloring, and the tbsp of alcohol. Mix, mix, mix the bag, so the dye disperses completely. Do this with several different colors for maximum fun.

Open the bags and allow the rice to dry overnight. In the morning, pour each color into your sensory bin and start creating!

Download and print out these adorable love bugs, then hide them in your sensory bin. Challenge your child to find them and place them in the ten frames. Or sort them into shapes using the sorting pages. Count the love bugs you find, talk about the shapes, and create stories about them. The opportunities are endless!

Color with Dot Markers

I love Dot Coloring pages, especially when crafting with preschoolers, because they can be used in many different ways. You can use dot markers, stickers, or even pom-poms to “color” them in! Each printable can be used multiple times – making them an ideal holiday activity. Grab a bunch of free printable dot marker and dot sticker pages in my Free Resource Library under “January and February Resources!”

Get More Simple Valentine’s Day Preschool Crafts and Activities for Less than $20

For just $17 you get 10 days of guided activities – with themed poems, craft ideas, printable resources, heart matching shape activities, multiple pin poke pictures, and SO MUCH MORE. Grab my Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities and get started!

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