Set of measuring cups, measuring spoons, measuring glasses and silicone whisk use in cooking lay on marble tabletop

Are you looking for a hands-on multiplying and dividing fraction activity? One of my favorite ways to wrap up a unit and review everything we’ve learned is with a hands-on activity! As we wrapped up a unit on multiplying and dividing fractions in my 5th-grade classroom, I desperately wanted to throw in a fun assessment. We were post-state-testing and our brains were FRIED.

This is one of those activities I kind of threw together but I loved it so much that I went back and made a copy for you! You can grab it in my TpT Store!

Students worked to figure out their halved recipes. Some used manipulatives and others talked it out. While they worked, I walked around and took anecdotals, assessing their work. It was fine for me that they worked together since I could still assess their understanding and see their work.

Once they had a recipe and it was approved by me or Mrs. Cahill, our kiddos got to work.  (We just looked to make sure they had done the work, but we didn’t tell them if it was correct or not). I borrowed measuring cups, spoons, and bowls from my house and fellow teaching friends.  Students still had to share materials a bit but not too much.

Into the oven, they went! While their recipes were baking, they worked on the reflection questions.

When they came out of the oven, it was easy to see whose recipes were precise and who needed some extra practice or missed a step 🙂  Regardless, all treats were eaten and we reviewed their work and steps.  This also led to a mini-lesson on chemistry- “So if you didn’t add enough flour, what happened to your recipe?”

Luckily, my students had fun completing a hands-on multiplying and dividing fraction activity and they were responsible for the dishes and took care of the cleaning!  That’s the type of baking I could really get into!

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