It’s not what it sounds like, y’all.  My fabulous co-teacher has been teaching science for us- UH MAZING!  I am so sad to say that I absolutely hate science.  I know it’s suppose to be fun.  I know it’s suppose to be super hands on.  But it just doesn’t stick in my brain.  I don’t get science.  I don’t love teaching science, no matter how hard I try and no matter how bad I want to, it’s just not my thing.  But my lovely friend does love science and it is completely her thing.  More power to her 🙂 

So she has been doing a superb job of teaching.  Like I mentioned previously, she had groups create a paper body.  Since then she’s been filling in their bodies with their “organs”.  Very cool.  I’m learning so much just by watching and helping out.  Seriously- SO. MUCH. 

LOVE the “monster” head on this paper person! HA

She even has hung body parts from the ceiling!  Hey, if they need to daydream, at least they can daydream and read about some vital organs!  

Look at all those streamers of body parts hanging from the ceiling!

Hooray!  Science has become fun again in our classroom 🙂  What have others done to make science fun?  Please, please share!!  Happy Tuesday to all!

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