Holiday mornings are hectic and the last thing you want to do is hang out in the kitchen! Charcuterie boards for the holidays are always a fun and fancy option for entertaining. Their versatility makes them a great option for any occasion, especially during the holidays. With that being said, a charcuterie board doesn’t have to just be made up of cheese and crackers (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). Try one of these six fun variations of a traditional charcuterie board next time you’re looking to really impress!

The Breakfast Board

Who says you can’t have charcuterie in the morning? Start your day off strong with a board consisting of bacon, pancakes, toast, and fruit. To keep everything to scale, try making silver dollar pancakes (mini chocolate chips encouraged!) and cutting your toast into quarters.

Our Christmas Morning charcuterie board is a huge hit year after year. And with grocery delivery from Walmart, you can have everything you need to be delivered directly to your door. Here’s a list of my favorite breakfast items – and you can just add them all to your shopping cart. Easy peasy!

The Wanderlust Board

Is there a country you’ve been longing to visit but haven’t quite gotten to yet? Bring a taste of the world home by creating a board with snacks and appetizers traditional to that country. If the travel bug’s truly got ahold of you, try different items from all around the world and enjoy a global culinary experience from the comfort of your dining room.

The Local Board

Celebrate the small businesses in your town or city by curating a board made entirely of items made locally. Not only will you be supporting the local economy, you get to be a tourist in your own town for a day as you peruse stores for additions to your board.

The Movie Board

Bring the movie theater home to you by creating a board with everyone’s favorite movie snacks. Grab some popcorn and your favorite concession stand candies and use bowls or jars to organize them on a board. 

The Book Club Board

Curating the perfect assortment of snacks for book club just got easier! If your group works pot-luck style, encourage everyone to bring something related to a central theme or flavor and you can arrange them as people arrive. Another fun option is to keep track of foods and drinks mentioned throughout the book and replicate those recipes for a truly impressive literary charcuterie board.

The Dessert Board

Traditionally, charcuterie boards tend to be savory, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Anything covered in chocolate is fair game for a dessert charcuterie board, from pretzels, to nuts and dried fruit, to cookies. 

Enjoy your holiday charcuterie board

Charcuterie has become increasingly popular (and fun!!) in years past. Although cheese and meats always make for a great board, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your next charcuterie board for the holidays, and no rules about when you have to eat it.

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