Looking for the perfect campfire stories that will be perfect to tell your kids around a campfire at night? Look no further than my book, Campfire Stories for Kids 7-9. You’ll love passing this book around and enjoying the different stories. And I had the most amazing time coming up with stories to include in this book. Several stories didn’t make it into the book for various reasons, and I am thrilled to share one with you! 

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The Cursed Vase – A Campfire Story for Kids

While shopping at a thrift store, Maria came across a beautiful dark green vase. She picked it up and heard something shift inside.

Glancing in, she found a piece of paper. She pulled it out and scribbled along the dusty page read the words, “This vase is haunted. Please purchase with caution. Everyone who owns it hears horrible noises before dying a painful death.”

Maria laughed and muttered, “I like a piece of art with a story!” So she took the vase to the counter and purchased it right then and there.

Instantly, things began to go wrong. On the way home, Maria fell off her bike and broke her arm. At the hospital, every x-ray machine broke as Maria went in to get checked.

She kept going throughout her life but started noticing weird noises inside her house walls. She asked her parents what the noises were, but they just looked at her like she was silly. Each passing day the noises grew louder and louder. Maria tried to ignore them because nobody else could hear them, and she didn’t know what they could be!

Trying to stay out of her house as much as possible, Maria often wandered through the nearby fields, picking wildflowers. One afternoon, she brought a handful and decided to put them in her new vase.

It wasn’t until she picked up the vase to fill it with water that she came across that note from inside. She had completely forgotten about it.

“No wayyyyy….” Maria whispered. “It couldn’t be,” but she sat there dumbfounded. Had this vase been the cause of her pain? The cause of the noises? She quickly decided she didn’t want to find out. The next day, she took the vase (note and all) back to the thrift store, leaving it on the shelf where she had found it.

Upon returning home, she found that the noises from the wall were gone, and she never heard them again. But every few days, Maria would return to the thrift store and see if the vase was there. For years after, she would see it disappear and return to the shelves just a week or two later. The vase continued to spread its horror from house to house.

Every time Maria walked past someone having a bad day, she wondered if maybe, just maybe, they were the new owners of the mysterious dark, green vase.

What’s That Noise?

While telling your spooky stories, pause now and then to include noises for dramatic effect. You could make a loud “SMACK” noise before Maria falls off her bike. Or scratching noises while sharing the part about the noises from inside the walls.

Ready for More Fun Campfire Stories?

Camping with your family can be a blast. You can build campfires together. You can roast marshmallows. And best of all, you can tell stories. This camping book for kids is filled with amazing tales children will love sharing. From a mysterious fog to two heads in a suitcase, these stories are sure to excite and delight!

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