I’m super excited to share with you one of my latest and most favorite finds for Valentine’s Day – my Free Printable MAGNA-TILES® Valentine Cards! As we all hustle to make this day special for our kids and their friends, I wanted to offer something unique, fun, and heartwarming.

Valentine’s Day, in my book, is all about celebrating love in its many beautiful forms. It’s not just the romantic type, but the sweet, innocent love our kids share with their buddies. So, why not add a playful twist to their Valentine’s cards this year?

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A Little Color, A Lot of Heart

I’ve put together a set of four adorable card designs, each with a message that’s sure to warm your heart:

  1. “Our Friendship is Building Every Day” – Isn’t that just what we want for our kids and their friendships?
  2. “Let’s Stick Together” – A sweet nudge towards unity and teamwork.
  3. “You Bring Color to My Days” – For that special friend who makes everything a bit brighter.
  4. “You Shape My World with Love” – A lovely way to appreciate a friend’s influence.

And here’s the best part – these cards are designed to be interactive! Each one incorporates MAGNA-TILES® shapes, turning a simple card into an exciting play opportunity.

Here’s How I’m Making MAGNA-TILES Valentine Cards (And You Can Too!):

  1. Download the Cards: Easy-peasy and totally free. I recommend using good quality paper, like this, for printing.
  2. Add MAGNA-TILES®: This is the magical part! I’m planning to help my kids attach 2 MAGNA-TILES® to each card. They’ll match the shapes on the cards, adding an element of fun and creativity.
  3. Glue Dots: Add a small glue dot to each card to attach the MAGNA-TILES.
  4. Personal Touch: There’s a spot for your kiddos to add their own flair – a signature, a cute drawing, or a heartfelt message.
  5. Spread the Love: I can’t wait to see my kids hand out these cards. I’m expecting lots of smiles and giggles!

Tools you’ll need

Before we dive into the creative process, let’s make sure we have everything on hand. With these simple tools, we’re all set to create something magical!

Let’s Make This a Community Affair!

I’m all about sharing and caring, and I’d love for you to join me in this. Imagine our little ones exchanging these special MAGNA-TILES® Valentine cards at school, in the neighborhood, or during playdates. What a wonderful way to cultivate friendship and creativity!

So, are you in?

Download the Free Printable MAGNA-TILES® Valentine Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Let’s build a world filled with love, one MAGNA-TILES Valentine Card at a time!

P.S. I’d be thrilled to see your MAGNA-TILES® Valentine’s creations! Please share your photos on social media and tag them with #MagnaTilesValentines. Let’s create a gallery of love and creativity!

Beyond Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is special, remember that MAGNA-TILES® are great for play and learning all year round. They spark creativity, enhance fine motor skills, and introduce kids to shapes and geometry in the most engaging way. Check out their other themed sets for endless fun!

A Little Reminder for Us Parents

In the midst of preparing these cute cards and organizing Valentine’s Day fun, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself. A quick coffee break, a peaceful walk, or just a few quiet minutes – you deserve it! You’re not just creating cards; you’re building beautiful memories for your kids.

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