As a parent, you always want to make sure your kids are healthy and happy, and that means making sure they’re well-fed. Whether you’re sending them off to daycare, school, or camp, packing a good lunch is a key part of making sure they have a good day. So how do you find easy lunch box ideas for your kids?

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Make a Simple Plan for an Easy Lunch with Kids

The best way to make healthy lunch ideas for kids is to keep things simple. Focus on including different types of food in the meal. You want protein, starch, fruit or veggies, and maybe some dairy included. I love these lunch boxes because they are thin, stack well, and easy for kids to open but secure too. We also have (and love) these bento box lunch boxes and this really nice (but pricey) stainless steel option.

You can also make the process fun! Let your kids help pack their lunch box snacks. One kid can scoop hummus while another adds berries to a lunch box. Just get the kids involved and have a good time!

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Easy Lunch Ideas for Your Kids You Can Try This Week

Hummus, Whole-Grain Pita, Carrots and Berries, and Yogurt

Remember, there’s no rule that your child’s lunch box has to resemble a plated meal. Place a serving of your child’s favorite hummus in the lunch box for a dose of protein. Your little one can dip the pita and carrots. Additionally, the berries and yogurt are a fun dessert.

Pepperoni Slices, Cheese Cubes, Whole-Grain Crackers, and Applesauce

This is another one your kids will have fun eating. They can stack the pepperoni, cheese, and crackers in whatever order they want. Applesauce is a great choice because you can make your own and put it in individual containers, or buy your favorite healthy brand from the store.

Turkey Roll-Up, Grapes, and Yogurt

Roll-ups are great because they’re easy to make, and you can add extra veggies inside. Grab a wrap and layer some turkey, cheese, lettuce, and a bit of your child’s favorite dressing, and roll it all up. Slice it into pinwheels for smaller hands. Add some grapes and a squeezable yogurt to the bag for a sweet treat.

Ham and Cheese Omelet, Granola Bars, Oranges

Who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch? A simple ham and cheese omelet packs a lot of protein and is simple to make. You can even hide a few veggies inside if you want. Granola on the side adds a crunch to the meal, with oranges for dessert.

Finding easy and balanced lunch ideas for your children doesn’t have to be hard. Think outside the box and embrace things your child likes to eat! It’s a great way to make lunchtime better for everyone. For more ways to make your routine easier, check out different ideas for families at Apple Slices, LLC.

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