Whether you need a school project for your class this holiday or you want something exciting to make with your children, these DIY felt ornaments provide the perfect choice. Easy to make and colorful to see, felt ornaments can be used to decorate gift packages, holiday trees, and windows. Keep reading to learn more about this fun craft project.

Gather Your Supplies for these DIY Felt Ornaments

Instructions to Make DIY Felt Ornaments

  • Select a square of felt and a tracing pencil. Trace the shape that you want using a stencil or cookie cutter.
  • Use the shears to cut around the shape that you’ve traced. If you are having difficulty, look for a sharper pair of scissors to use.
  • Decide which end of the shape is the top and punch a hole in the center of it.
  • Decorate the shape using whatever supplies you have such as glitter, fake gemstones, and beads.
  • Use hot glue to secure felt pieces together (or sew)
  • Cut a six-inch length of twine. Thread the twine through the hole and tie it so that it forms a loop.

Keeping the kids busy during the holidays can be a challenge. Finding fun and easy crafts for them to do might be the solution you need to keep them occupied. Felt ornaments are simple to make and can be enjoyed for many years. In addition to hanging them on trees, you can use them to decorate your holiday packages (my personal favorite use)!

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