Have you always wanted to DIY an indoor plant trellis but weren’t sure where to begin? Or weren’t sure what plants to use? This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to add some gorgeous greenery to your home.

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How to Start Your DIY Indoor Plant Trellis

First, you need some plants! I love THESE affordable plants from Amazon. They are all great for purifying the air in your home. When they arrive they’re pretty small but they grow quickly and beautifully. If you’re hoping for plants that create long vines (which is why you’re here!) then you’ll want a Philodendron, like this one. You can also pick one (or ten!) up at your local nursery. This is the best option because you’ll be more likely to find plants that are local to your area.

Decide How to Showcase Your Plant and Where it Will Thrive

Do you want to hang your plant? Or place it on your nightstand? Try to find a place that’s bright and has indirect sunlight. Not sure how to best decide this? I recommend this blog post on Best Plant Hangers to help you!

We always aim for something near a SouthWest facing window, in a corner. The window gets bright sun almost all day but the plants are rarely in direct sunlight. This took me about a year to figure out! And some plants don’t do well in these locations, like our fiddle leaf fig which we had to move to another window that gets much less light after nearly all of the leaves fell off. I water my plants every ten(ish) days. This seems to work better than once a week in our home climate, but I know plenty of people who do Thirsty Thursday for their plants and water them every Thursday!

How to Create Your DIY Indoor Plant Trellis

Materials Needed

How To DIY an Indoor Plant Trellis

First, decide how you want your vines to grow. Do you want them to grow in a specific shape? (I chose a diamond pattern above my windows!) Or do you want them to grow up along your ceiling?

The Easiest (and Most Important) Step

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to create the entire design from the beginning. Start near the base of your vines and place command hooks on the wall every 1-2 feet in the direction you want your vines to grow. Then, tie your twine to the first hook and run it along with the design and your command hooks, ending at the “end” of your design. This will provide a path for your vines to follow.

Follow Up and Train Your Indoor Plant Vines

Every week, as your vines grow, be sure to adjust their growing pattern and train them to grow along the string and your design. Step back and make sure you like how the vines are growing and how everything is looking. The best part about this DIY indoor plant trellis is that you can readjust it anytime you need to. Just move the command hooks and the twine! The vines can be taken off the twine or trimmed (and propagated).

Benefits of Indoor House Plants with Kids

Ever curious about why indoor plants are loved by so many people? Our family understands that the benefits of indoor plants are immense. Plants, especially the ones listed below, filter toxins out of the air, improve the oxygen you breathe indoors and are proven to make you happier. We keep an assortment of greenery in our playroom and bedrooms at all times. The plants shared below are also incredibly durable, meaning they aren’t fussy or difficult to keep alive.

More Sustainability for Your Family

Let’s inspire and motivate each other to make conscious choices that benefit our planet and our children. Together, we can create a better, brighter future for all.

Be sure to share your progress

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