The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for parents and teachers is here. It’s fun, educational, affordable to make a lot of, quiet, and adorable. Honestly – I am SO excited to share these with my son’s class this year and hope his classmates and their parents will enjoy them just as much! Are you ready to make your own set? Let’s break it down.

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How to Make These Valentine’s Day Gifts



To make 20 Kits:

  • 20 bags = $9.00
  • 200 double sided counters = $8.50
  • Foam dice = $30
  • Sharpie = $9
  • Cardstock = $13

If you already have common items like a Sharpie and cardstock, it brings down the price significantly.

TOTAL = $70 (which is about $3.50/kit)

TOTAL WITHOUT DICE = $40 (which is $2/kit)


Making the Valentine’s Day Gift Bag Kits

Any bag will do – but I love these 4×6 cotton bags. They’re durable but slightly see-through, which means I can insert the tracing template card into the bags and then trace the ten frame and tic tac toe board onto the bag. If you’re savvy with a Cricket, you could also iron on a simple design. But I found that tracing the designs onto the bag with a sharpie is quick and straightforward (and affordable)!

Adding Counters

I envisioned making gorgeous DIY counters with resin and bright, colorful glitter. But in reality – these double-sided counters are WAY better educationally. And since they’re double-sided, there are endless possibilities. They’re also more cost-efficient and quieter when used at a restaurant table, thanks to how lightweight they are. Win-win-win.

I made about 30 glittery resin heart counters (and spent over $50) before realizing it was a horrible mistake and ordering the red and yellow counters instead (for less than $9)

Including Dice

Okay, the foam dice are optional, but they elevate this simple kit. Adding dice not only improves your child’s ability to subitize (YAY!!), but they also mean that you have so many more games to play with this simple kit. And sure, you could get regular dice for a much better price, but no teacher, parent, or patron at a restaurant wants to hear dice rolling around a table. These foam dice are quiet and worth the price. I guarantee that your child’s teacher will also accept any foam dice leftover, so if you have extras, they go to a great cause.

Including Valentine’s Day Card and Instructions

These DIY kits were Valentine’s Day gifts for my son’s class this year – but they would also make great End of School Year gifts! We included cards inside each bag that gave options for games to play with this kit. They’re included in the Free Tic-Tac-Toe Tracing Template. And then we tied handmade Valentines on the outside of the bag!

Free Printable Valentine’s are coming soon – so keep an eye out for those on Instagram and here!

How to use these fun DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

My favorite thing about these DIY valentine’s day gift is that there are endless opportunities for games you can play. I have a blog post with simple game ideas and instructions for you to link to your inserts. Just add a QR code to your printout and families can scan the code and have more super simple, fun, and educational ideas to implement immediately.

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Non Candy Valentine’s Day Cards

Looking for simple non candy Valentine ideas? These FREE and printable cards will be a hit. Add a small item to make the card extra fun! I’ve included possible additions (and my favorites) for each design.

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