It’s cold, dreary, and everyone is going a little stir crazy… which means it’s time for some winter themed toddler activities! These easy toddler activities will help you make it through the grayest of days.

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Winter Themed Toddler Activity Ideas

Paint a snowy scene with your toddler

Take some black cardstock, cotton balls, clothespins, and white paint and start painting a fun snowy scene. Clip a clothespin on a cotton ball, dip it in paint, and create! Your toddler will love the ease of painting with cotton balls (and the cleanup is so easy)!

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Set up some easy and FUN winter themed sensory bins

Hot chocolate sensory bin

Marshmallows, chocolate protein powder, candy canes, wooden scoops, coffee mugs

Snowy animal water bead sensory bin

Blue, teal, and clear water beads, scoops, and arctic animals

Snowy day cottton ball sensory bin

Cotton balls, DIY felt mittens, jingle bells, snowflake confetti

Arctic animals on ice sensory bin

Large ice cubes, salt, warm water, arctic animals

Build your own snowman sensory bin

3 or more white felt circles, an assortment of buttons, sticks, DIY felt hats, and ribbons for a scarf

Winter “snow” and snowplows

Sprinkle of flour. with a few construction trucks

Make these large popsicle stick glitzy snowflakes

Hot glue four large popsicle sticks together and cover them in elmer’s glue. Use sequins and mini pom-poms to decorate them. Once dry, shake any excess sequins loose. Hot glue a piece of string on the back and hang the snowflakes from a window.

Get more winter themed toddler activities!

If you’ve made your way here, it’s probably because you’re ready for a little more support and guidance during playtime.

How would it feel if you could spend a few minutes teaching your child and playing with them, then step away and let them continue playing (and learning!!) on their own? 

With the right tools you can:

  • Have a simple, age-appropriate, activity available for your child
  • Know what to say and exactly how much support to give your child with each activity.
  • Learn when it’s the right time to walk away, so your child continues learning, playing by themselves, and doesn’t beg you to come back and play with them.
  • Ensure your child’s playtime is helping them meet all of their developmental milestones!

The good news? If you’re ready to see your child love learning, then my Winter Themed Toddler Activities were MADE for you.

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