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Are you pregnant and looking for the perfect editable hospital bag checklist for mom and baby? First of all, congratulations! Pregnancy is such a gift (and exhausting)! You can use this editable hospital bag checklist to prepare for your child’s birth and have everything you need ready to go at a moment’s notice! As it nears time for your sweet new babe to be born, packing your hospital bag is high on the list of priorities.

I’m all about the minimalist(ish) packing, but this downloadable hospital bag checklist for mom and baby is entirely free and editable, so you can adjust it to your heart’s content. You’ll be prompted to copy the document into Google Slides when you open the file. Select “Make a Copy” to access your Editable Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnancy. This will allow you to have your own editable and/or printable copy of the checklist!

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Why do you need an editable hospital bag checklist for pregnancy?

Maybe it’s just me, but as I neared the third trimester, my energy and brainpower dwindled quickly. Like reallllllly quickly. This editable hospital bag checklist will allow you time to plan what you want to include before you even start packing! I could peruse Pinterest from the couch and add to my checklist. Then, when I was feeling up to it, I was able to quickly and efficiently, pack up my bag!

P.S. This bag is my favorite! I still use it daily.

Hospital Bag Necessities for Mom

Nursing Tank Top

I lived in nursing tank tops ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>just like these staple black ones during all my post-partum journeys. They’re simple and keep my tummy covered when I nurse. I loved being able to wear them under a regular shirt. When I pulled my shirt up to nurse, my tummy was still covered.


After birth you don’t want *anything* tight on your body – so this adorable 2-piece jogger set offers you comfort and style. It also can be worn during that uncomfortable third trimester. So what are you waiting for?

Comfy Shoes

With over 4,527 5-Star reviews, these slide-on shoes are popular for a reason. They’re so cushy and feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Highly recommend.

Hospital Bag Necessities for Baby

Zip up Onesies

Loooove love love these zip-up newborn onesies. This three-pack came to the hospital with us every time we had a baby. They’re gender-neutral (since we didn’t know the sex of our twins) and perfect for the NICU, heading home in a car seat, or snuggling in between nursing sessions. They also have built-in mittens to prevent baby from scratching themselves.

Infant Car Seat

We have two of these infant and toddler car seats and have used them since our first child came home from the hospital and our twins use them now. I love that they last 2 years, face backward, and aren’t too heavy.

Soft velcro swaddle

All children are different, but each of ours loved to be swaddled while they slept. It helped them calm down and provided the tightness and comfort of the womb, that they were missing. I was never great at swaddling a baby and would worry about the hospital blanket covering their faces, even after the nurses would wrap them up nice and tight. So having these velcro swaddles at the hospital was a game-changer.

Breastfeeding support you’ll love

Want to know what else went into my hospital bag for mom and baby?

I shared it all on the blog, previously! You can read more HERE.

Ready to pack your hospital bag and prepare for your baby to join you earthside? I hope this editable hospital bag checklist for mom and baby will help soothe some of the nerves during that third trimester. And don’t forget your copy of Activities for Infants – you’ll want to begin tummy time the day you get home from the hospital!

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