Toddlers love a good routine. In fact, they thrive under routines and predictability, which is why this visual schedule for kids is a great addition to all homes. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR FREEBIE. Knowing the expectations and boundaries helps children understand everything around them. Having a simple visual routine available for them every morning helps them stay on track and focused.

Ever wonder why keeping a boundary is important? Let me share a simple example. Imagine you’re in a swimming pool. You begin walking to the deep end feeling around for the drop-off, so you know precisely where the deep end is. Once you find it, you can rely on that drop-off to remain the same. The next time you walk into that pool, you’ll know exactly where to find the deep end.

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Now, imagine the deep end moved around… and you never know where it is. Sometimes it’s right next to the steps and another time it’s not there anymore, at all. You would tiptoe around the entire time, unsure where the deep end began. It would be stressful and you wouldn’t know where to stand.

The same goes for children and boundaries. They’re going to tiptoe their way towards the line – to see what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Once they find where you draw the line (aka your “deep end” or boundary) they will sneak up to that line several times, making sure it’s still there. If it moves or changes, they’re going to keep looking for that boundary and testing it. If it stays put, they’ll know what the expectations are and won’t continuously look for the boundary.

Why use a visual schedule with your kids?

A visual schedule for kids is a great way to keep your morning expectations consistent. Grab your own copy in the Free Resource Library, edit to fit your family’s needs, and print it out. We hang our copy on the back of our coat closet in the front entrance. Our currently-three-year-old looks at it every morning before we leave the house and checks his school bag for everything to make sure he’s ready to go. I no longer am responsible for remembering each item, he is. And it allows me to be a little calmer during the busy mornings.

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