Well, we received the surprise of a lifetime this week… we were told we’re pregnant WITH TWINS. We haven’t kept our struggle to have children quiet. We’ve shared our losses and our miscarriages publicly. Truthfully, we’ve been extremely blessed to have not much trouble conceiving. However, we’ve had our struggles keeping our babies safe and sound once conceived. This is my 6th pregnancy in two years and we’re praying that everything goes smoothly. With no other sign of twins in any of our prior pregnancies, we really did not see this one coming. But here we are – 8 weeks into the first trimester with twins, and answering all your questions and asking for all your prayers.

FAQ’s About Our First Trimester With Twins

How did you find out?

With all the COVID-19 precautions right now, my husband was unable to come to the first-trimester ultrasound with me. We had no idea how far along I was because, after our last D+C, my periods had been very inconsistent. When you go to get an ultrasound, they typically don’t show you the screen until they’ve confirmed there’s a heartbeat. So I was lying there, waiting for her to tell me, “here’s your baby” or “I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat” and it was really quiet. I began to get nervous and started praying… asking God to provide us with whatever His plan was. And my ultrasonographer just said, “bear with me….” and so I continued to wait. And pray. And then she turned to me and said: “so, it’s twins.”

I was instantly in complete awe and amazement. WOW. Not only another pregnancy… but one with TWO babies. What? How? Holy crap! This was easily the third best day of my life. EASILY. Our ultrasonographer had to finish taking all the measurements and information and then we FaceTimed my husband so I could tell him. While I waited, I texted him and said, “I’m going to FaceTime you in a minute but everything looks great!!!!!!!!!” He was shocked and surprised and so excited when I finally showed him both heartbeats!

How are you feeling?

Great… and horrible. With this pregnancy, I’ve been feeling fine throughout the morning but around 3 or 4 pm, I start to go downhill FAST. I’m nauseous, exhausted, and dizzy. I’ve gotten sick a few times, but nothing crazy. I was prescribed some medication that I’ve taken when absolutely necessary, but I try to avoid it because it makes me so sleepy. I just try my best to get everything accomplished before 3 pm and then lay on the couch and watch Baby Einstein or read books with Lachlan until bedtime. #survivalmode

And emotionally, I’m all over the place. Pregnancy after loss is HARD. It’s hard because you’re scared, you question every odd feeling, and you know that even if everything feels fine, sometimes it isn’t fine. I know that all I can do is pray and trust that whatever is meant to happen with these babies is right. So, please pray. Or send positive vibes. Or send your love. Or whatever feels right for you. We would love all the extra goodness for these babies that we can get. (Thank you, thank you, thank you)

Did you suspect you were pregnant with twins?

Honestly, NOPE. This pregnancy has been a little harder than previous pregnancies but I just assumed it was because I was chasing Lachlan around and doing ALL THE THINGS. I’ve been busier and happier than ever. It hadn’t even entered my mind before that first ultrasound.

Are they identical or fraternal?

Fraternal! My body released two eggs simultaneously and both were fertilized. That’s how we were provided with this amazing surprise! This was completely natural. I didn’t take anything to support conception.

Will you find out the sexes?

We will not! We were already planning on waiting to find out the sex of our baby during our next (prayers answered) pregnancy and so this didn’t change a thing. It has just never mattered to me, honestly. I’ve just been so happy to have a healthy baby. When it comes to my friend’s pregnancies, however, I’m always dying to know the sex.

We plan on having four-ish names picked out and we’ll name them when they arrive and we get to look at them! We had three names picked out for Lachlan and then chose one when we were in recovery and could see his perfect little face and try out each one. He’s definitely a Lachlan.

Do twins run in your family?

Not really. We both have twins in our extended family but they are not common and nobody expected this one little bit!

What do you need to do differently this pregnancy?

I already take a prenatal, iron, magnesium, omega-3, and Zoloft daily. But because of my preeclampsia during the last pregnancy, and because I’m expecting twins, I’ve been instructed to add 1 mg of folic acid and 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D. And once the first trimester has passed, they recommend I take a baby aspirin daily. These are obviously specifically for me and my pregnancy, so speak to your doctor before adding anything new to your regimen. I also share everything HERE.

How has COVID-19 affected this pregnancy?

It’s been weird. I’m already high risk (with our past and with twins) and now COVID-19 makes anyone who is pregnant high risk. Going to appointments by myself is also weird. I’ve been so lucky to have my husband attend nearly all of my doctor’s appointments during previous pregnancies. But this time only one person is allowed in at a time, so he has to stay home with Lach. And everyone wears masks at the office. And I have to sit in my car after I check-in and get my temperature checked. They call me when they’re ready for me and I can go in. There’s also lots of hand sanitizer and distance. It’s so interesting but I appreciate that this is being taken seriously and that we have such great support.

Waiting outside for my appointment. My doctor called me when they were ready for me to come in. Amazing facemask care of @MorganaSitton.

How did you go about trying to conceive?

If you’re starting to try to conceive, congratulations! We’ve obviously tried to conceive several times now and have learned SO MUCH. I like data, so I prefer to utilize tools that give us information. My period has never been “normal” so just using an app to track my cycle isn’t very accurate. I’ve been using these strips (combined with this app) for years and love the combination.

Thank you so much

We could not be more grateful for all the love and support from everyone during our first trimester with twins. It seriously means the world to us. If you’re a parent in waiting, please know you are not alone. I pray for you every day and am here if you ever need to vent, talk, or cry.

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