Camping with kids is a fantastic experience for everyone involved. It’s fun, educational, and relaxing. I’m a big believer that less is more but there are a few items parents should remember when planning a trip with young ones. This free checklist for camping with children will ensure you have everything you need!

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Prepare Ahead Of Time when Camping with Kids

If you plan on camping with your kids, prepare as much as possible ahead of time. You’ll want to pack everything you might need, such as food, water, first aid supplies, and other essentials. Prepping meals into ready-to-go containers will save you headaches at the campsite. These make-ahead breakfast sandwiches, campfire potatoes, and grilled pineapple chicken foil packets look amazing. And don’t forget the s’more fixings for dessert!

Pack Lightly for Camping

If you’re planning on taking your kids camping, make sure you pack lightly. If you bring too much stuff, you will carry it around and not enjoy yourself. Keeping things simple will also help your items stay organized and allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip. Kids are amazing at entertaining themselves and will find activities for them to do independently, so there’s no need to bring fancy toys. Teach them to trace shapes in the dirt, create rock cairns, or sing campfire songs.

Don’t Forget the Tent!

Make sure you bring a tent. It’s not just for sleeping; it also protects you from the elements when camping with your kids. Plus, tents come in different sizes so you can choose the right size for your family. I also recommend packing an extra tarp for outside your tent’s entrance. This will help keep dirt and dust out of the tent.

Must-Have Camping Resource

Camping with your family can be a blast. You can build campfires together. You can roast marshmallows. And best of all, you can tell stories. This camping book for kids is filled with amazing tales children will love sharing. From a mysterious fog to two heads in a suitcase, these stories are sure to excite and delight!

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Have Fun

It’s also important to keep things fun when camping with kids. Take a walk through nature, sit and watch bugs crawl over a stump, or go on a bird-watching adventure. These simple camping activities will help keep kids entertained and happy. And I guarantee they’ll sleep better than ever outside in the fresh air.

Download the Free Camping with Kids Checklist


Camping with Kids

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