Looking for a typical daily schedule with toddlers? You’re in the perfect place! I used to be 100% a pen and paper kind of gal. Then I had our son, and I became all about that digital calendar #momlife. But during the pandemic, I rarely left the house, so I wound up in a simplified combo of digital and paper planning. Which is where my free daily printable schedule comes in!

Daily Printable Schedule

Print out this daily schedule and fill it in every morning or before you go to bed the night before. It’s a simple way to see what you need to do at a quick glance. Hang it on your fridge, leave it next to your computer, etc. It’s there for you whenever you need it!

Our Typical Day

A typical day in our household runs on a predictable routine. This makes it easy for our toddlers to know what’s coming next and helps me plan our days. Each day varies slightly (if we have nannies or Lachlan has preschool), but the idea stays the same. After breakfast, they play. After snack time, we leave the house! These predictable activities help everyone know what’s coming – which makes them happier and well-behaved.

FAQs about our schedule

Children, especially really young children, do not understand a schedule or daily plan. Keeping a routine predictable every day means they don’t have to guess what is happening next. All humans need predictability during their day, otherwise they’ll spend valuable energy focusing on when they’re napping next or when they’re eating next. By keeping these pieces of time at the same time each day, your children won’t have to think twice about what’s next.

I just use Google Calendar! My husband and I have the same calendars on our phones and we add to it as things pop up. I always make sure to set an alarm for one hour before and one day before. This helps remind me when things are coming up. Then this printable helps me keep track of daily routines (like laundry and water plants).

I use Plan to Eat and order groceries online to plan my meals!

A look into an average day at our home:

  • 5:00: I wake up
  • 7:00: Kids wake up, get dressed, make beds, clean up rooms
  • Breakfast
  • The kids play while I clean up and run through our daily chores. If Lachlan has school, we drop him off now
  • 9:30: Snacktime – While they eat I do a playroom reset
  • 10:00ish: This is the bulk of our “learning time”. We get out of the house, visit the library or meet up with friends, and do activities together. I use the daily lessons in my Play-Based Toddler Homeschool Curriculum to guide our learning.
  • If Lachlan is at preschool, we pick him up
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 1:00: Naptime
  • 3:00: Wake up
  • 3:30: Prep dinner
  • While my kids play, I either play with them, clean, wrap up any chores from the morning, play outside or head out on a walk – Getting outside (no matter the weather) helps pass this time
  • 5:00: Start and/or finish making dinner
  • 5:30: Eat a family dinner
  • 6:00: Start bathtime
  • 6:45: Kids go to bed
  • 7:00: I clean up the kitchen and playroom (wipe down counters, prep coffee, start the dishwasher)
  • I read the following day’s lesson in my toddler curriculum and prep anything I can, ahead of time
  • I set up the playroom so it’s inviting for the next morning (move toys around, switch up any toys that aren’t being played with, and possibly set up a new activity) – this is a huge help for encouraging independent play in the morning!
  • 7:30: Relax/Work/Hang out with my significant other
  • 8:30: Get ready for bed
  • 9:00: Sleep! (I go to sleep early because I prefer to wake up early)

Weekly Routines

Some routines are done weekly or monthly instead of daily, so I keep those on my printed out schedule.


  • One small load of laundry
  • Fill the diffusers
  • Let chickens out


  • Pick up the house
  • Clean the bathrooms


  • Take out the garbage


  • Water plants
  • Wash all the sheets

Editable Daily Schedule

Choose your download


It will open in Google Slides, ask you to make a copy (say yes!), and then you’ll be able to type your own daily to-do’s in the text box.

Print the Non Editable PDF

If you’d prefer to handwrite your to-do list every day, then just print the PDF version and enjoy. I like to print front and back in order to save paper.

Simplified Routine and Schedule

This simplified printable routine and schedule will help you feel better about each of your days during this unprecedented time. And with the gratitude section, makes an ideal simple gratitude journal for you to utilize every day. Especially during a time when it’s challenging to think of what you should be grateful for. Lay down your thoughts and stressors and let yourself mind and body enjoy the day.

Indoor Play Ideas

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