A sample of the infant meal plans

Finding meal ideas for our son was such a challenge, so I created this small packet of free meal ideas for infants! I spent all year planning a new meal each week so that you don’t have to!

Free meal ideas for infants

Weekly meal ideas for infants from 4-12 months

Want to gain access to your own copy of free meal ideas for infants? You can! Just click the image above, below or HERE and you’ll receive the password for my Free Resource Library for Parents! I’m always adding new freebies and updating the library, so be sure to stop back and check it out frequently.

Meal Ideas for Infants product link

To keep things simple, I planned a different breakfast for each week and a different lunch for each week. This allows your child to get used to the foods being offered throughout the week. Dinners are not included because I recommend making their dinners the same as yours. I explain this more in the downloadable packet!

A year of activities for infants in the making

A sneak peek of my Activities for Infants

I am also excited to share a new product! It’s called Activities for Infants and contains 10+ activities for you to do with your infant for months 0-12. Throughout the year with my son, I discovered fun, age-appropriate, activities that supported his growth. I’ve written all of these up, included sample images, and can’t wait to share them with you! Be sure you’re on my email list (by signing up above) and following me on Instagram so you stay up to date with my newest line of Infant products!

Want more freebies for infants?

I shared some of my favorite infant resources this year and would love for you to check them out! Looking for 12 Must-Have Amazon Snacks, Spring themed books? Or Fall themed books? Or a month-by-month gift guide for a baby’s first year of life?

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