Looking for an easy Christmas craft to entertain your preschoolers on a chilly winter day? This ugly sweater printable is FREE in my Free Resource Library; adorable and so much fun. You’ll love the quick win, and your preschoolers will love sticking holiday shapes onto their paper sweater.

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You can absolutely use this free Christmas printable however you would like. My favorite is to cut out everything, tape the sweaters to the wall, and then cover them with forward-facing contact paper. Then your child (or you – no judgments) can create and decorate to their heart’s content!

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Ugly Sweater Activity

Ideas for Using This Christmas Craft for Preschoolers

Have toddlers or preschool-aged children? They’re going to love this free Christmas craft. It is the perfect opportunity to discuss shapes, colors, and sizes. As you add an item to your paper sweater, name the item you’re adding, for example, “This is a yellow star. A big yellow star. Can you find a green tree? Wow! That’s a gorgeous green tree. What is your favorite shape?”

Allow them to engage with the activity on their own, too, quietly. You can always play my favorite holiday playlist in the background!

How to store your Preschooler’s Christmas Craft

Want to keep this activity around for a few years? I know we do! That’s why I’m laminating everything this year, and when we’re finished with it, I’ll store all the pieces in a large zipper bag, like these bags. Next year I’ll pull them out, add some contact paper to the wall, and let the kids create! I know this free Christmas printable will entertain them for several years to come.

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