I wish I could have found a year-long baby gift guide a year ago. Until I had a baby, I never knew what to get a little one for the holidays! They’re constantly changing, and to be honest, what you buy a 2-month-old is completely different from what you’d buy for an 11-month-old! So since I’m nearing my son’s first birthday, and am totally in the weeds of everything infant to baby, here are the gifts I recommend for babies (not for their family, but for them specifically), according to their monthly age! (This post contains affiliate links. These links help pay for my blog and do not affect you, or your prices, at all!)

The perfect list of baby gifts for babies of all ages.

Gift Guide for 0-1-Month-Old Babies

I shared my Favorite Amazon Items for the First Four Weeks earlier this year, and many of those items are the same (and will be on an expecting family’s baby registry), but here’s what I really recommend to engage a 0-8 week old! Just click on an image below to go directly to that product!

Gift Guide for 2-3-Month-Old Babies

In the beginning, it’s all about tummy time! The more activities and distractions you have to support your baby during tummy time, the better your baby, or your friend’s baby, will do with strengthening those muscles!

Gift Guide for 4-5-Month-Old Babies

As a child enters the 4-5 month stage, they are finally starting to engage with the world around them. They’re cloooooose to sitting up on their own but not there yet! These little toys and activities help keep them engaged when they’re still nonmobile.

Gift Guides for 6-7-Months-Old Babies

As babies start becoming more and more aware of the world around them, they love activities and toys that they can manipulate. These were our son’s favorite from 6 months on. He gets the biggest smile on his face as he shakes his maracas, will sit and push the spinning toy nonstop and carries his pretend cell phone around with him everywhere. And I can’t even tell you how much he loves chasing us around in his walker! These are just the perfect gifts for a 6 or 7-month-old baby!

Gift Guides for 8-9-Months-Old Babies

As crawling and walking come into the picture, a toy for pulling up and building climbing skills is so helpful. It’s a little pricey but it has been worth every penny in our home. The stacking cups are a classic (and so great for their little minds), the object permanence box is a must, and these soft balls make rolling, tossing, and grabbing, a cinch!

Gift Guides for 10-11-Months-Old Babies

You can never have enough activities to help a little one establish object permanence. These toys are ones they’ll come back to time and time again.

How to Organize Your Baby Toys

Just because the toys in this baby gift guide are recommended for each specific age doesn’t mean they won’t continue to be great toys all year long, and beyond! I have about 6 plastic tubs full of toys. Each tub has one toy from each month. For example, Tub #1 has a soft/fabric book, a tummy time mat, sensory balls, maracas, stacking cups, and blocks. We rotate tubs every week (or so) in order to keep activities fresh and exciting for our son. This helps him grow with each toy, as well. I’m always impressed with how much he grows into each activity and toy as the year progresses.

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Find the perfect gift for your baby or your friend's baby with this baby gift guide for babies of all ages. 0-12 months old.

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