Are you searching for that perfect gift for the parents of a rainbow baby? If you’re here, I’m so sorry but also so grateful. It means your friend/daughter/sister/sister-in-law has lost a child and you want to do something to show your love and support. Whether they are currently hurting or are welcoming their rainbow baby into this world, finding that perfect gift for them can be a challenge. You want to offer something that honors the life of their children. So while I don’t know these parents personally, here are some gift ideas that can be helpful during this tragic time.

  • A necklace from Delezhen to hold all their children in one place. If they did not name their baby after a miscarriage, you can use the birthstone from the month they were born or miscarried.
  • A plant in remembrance of their child. I love a nice tree they can plant in their backyard. But a small plant from The Sill is also a nice treat.
  • For their backyard (especially if you get them a plant for their yard), I highly recommend an engraved rock like these. Or an engraved fake rock (more cost-effective) from HERE.
  • A nice candle is a great way to honor a family’s child after loss. Let them know that every time they light the candle, their child is looking down on them and wrapping their arms around them.
  • Get dinner delivered to their home. Or better yet, have some frozen meals delivered to them. We had so much food delivered while our children were in the NICU that we couldn’t eat it all. I really just needed meals in the freezer to make when we had the time. I personally love Daily Harvest Meals (use this link to get $25 off)!
  • Snacks are also super helpful. After my grandmother passed away, we had a friend leave a cooler full of Trader Joe’s snacks by the front door. It was perfect because we didn’t have a ton of time to just “chat” but the snacks were so great for grabbing whenever we got hungry.
  • A piece of jewelry that can be cherished, such as a diamond ring or bracelet. That way, every time they wear it, they can think of their rainbow baby or new arrival and have something to hold onto for many years to come. Read more about Selecting a 3 carat diamond here.
  • If nothing else, send a card about a month after their loss or after the birth of their rainbow baby. That’s when things quiet down and get a lot harder. Just letting them know you’re still there, cheering them on, is a huge help.

While none of these gifts will make up for losing a child, your actions can help parents of rainbow babies know they are seen by you. If you live nearby and would like to drop off some helpful items, my How to Support a Grieving Family blog post shares simple items they may need.

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