With Teacher Appreciation Day coming up, you may be thinking about getting your child’s teacher another coffee mug. Please don’t. While teachers do love coffee, they already have their favorite coffee mugs. So unless you’re buying the type that will keep their coffee hot ALL. DAY. LONG. It’s time to think up another gift that will show them how much you care, and maybe make a small difference to teacher retention rates along with these teacher shortage solutions.

What will always make a teacher happy? Gift cards! You can now even e-mail a Starbucks card directly to them.  Does it get any easier? This option is perfect for busy parents who love teachers but can’t always spend time creating a gift (I feel ya)! Restaurant gift cards are also great. Or a Spa gift card. Or Amazon gift cards. Or Target gift cards! Basically, money. Spoiler alert! Teachers like money.

If you’re feeling up to a simple DIY, my Classroom Hanging Plant is inexpensive, will work in any room, and is on-trend right now – meaning your teacher will love it. Bonus points if you sneak into the classroom and hang it for them so they walk into a new fun classroom feature.

Want an even simpler DIY? Grab my Wine Labels, print them on sticker paper, and add them to your favorite wine. I don’t know a teacher who doesn’t love wine, so I personally don’t think you can go wrong with this gift option. But I’d definitely feel out your teacher first, just to be sure.

And if you’re up for shopping, you can never go wrong with fun pens and stationary. Flair pens will always be a win. And any pretty notepad (especially this Kate Spade one) will also be appreciated.

On top of whatever gift you get your child’s teacher, make sure you (and your child) write a thoughtful card. Let your teacher know why you appreciate them, why they matter, and why you’ll miss them next year. Include some of your favorite memories or things that have stood out to you! You can grab this free printable card HERE!

Do you have any other ideas for teachers? Be sure to leave them below. I’m always looking for new and fun gift ideas!

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