Grab this freebie!

With Groundhog’s Day just a week away, I wanted to share a freebie I created! 

I love writing and I love teaching writing. They’re truly passions of mine. Helping a kiddo write something they’re excited about is one of the best feelings! My hope is that all students (and teachers!) find writing time to be fun and manageable. Nobody enjoys taking a writing test. Being forced to write something you don’t care about? EW! But being able to write “on demand” is a skill that serves a viable purpose. We have to write on demand all the time! That e-mail sitting in your invoice waiting for you to respond? That’s writing on demand! 

I firmly believe that a writing curriculum followed by a systematic on demand writing environment will vastly improve student’s writing skills and writing enjoyment.

In this freebie, you’ll find 1 passage and 1 writing prompt, relating to that passage! It’s great for homework, small group work, or just extra practice during writer’s workshop! Enjoy!

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