I love holidays, especially Halloween! And I love having a festive classroom. But I nearly always plan week to week (due to nothing ever going as I planned!) and hate interrupting a Unit to incorporate holiday fun stuff! Which is why I created this little Activity Pack to go along with any writing unit. 

What’s Included?

This mini-unit is perfect for a busy teacher during the week of Halloween! All materials can be incorporated into your already existing lessons OR can become a lesson on its own! Get students writing great Halloween stories and debating about which Halloween treat is their favorite! All materials are included and are guaranteed to get your writers writing!

Writing narratives? This fits right in! Writing expository texts? This works as well! Have some fun with the materials included and make them work with whatever you’re teaching! You’ll be able to have some fun and stay on pace! Check out my Halloween Writing Activities to work in some fun!

Halloween Lesson Plans

With these two lesson plans, teach your writers to use the characteristics of Halloween in their writing to convey experiences and events precisely. Also, challenge your writers to share their opinion and support their point of view with reasons and information.

Halloween Themed Story Prompts

These simple story prompts will fit into any schedule and any lesson plan. Use them to get students motivated and excited to write!

Use these Picture Prompts to help spark your writer’s imagination! Have them grab one and then use it to write a story that revolves around the inspiration. All pictures are Halloween themed and ready to be quickly cut into individual pictures!

These pages look great out in the hallway! Each page has a picture on top, with plenty of room for writing below it. These are perfect for getting students motivated to write and for letting them choose their “own” topic. With scary, cute, and fun pictures, you’ll have a prompt for every writer in your class!

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