Starting daycare is a big deal for children. Not only is it a change from everything they know, but it could be the first time they are cared for by someone other than a parent, relative or friend. It’s a big change, but one that comes with so many amazing benefits as they learn about the world around them. 

But one of the most surprising things about starting a daycare isn’t the children’s reaction; it’s the parents. For parents, sending their children to daycare can bring many unexpected emotions, making the transition a little hard to deal with – even harder than it is for the kids! As a teacher, you can make the transition much smoother, helping both children and their parents settle into their routine and thrive.

Here are some of the things you can do to help parents prepare for daycare.

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Arrange tours, taster sessions and open days

For many parents, especially if it’s their first child, daycare is full of unknowns. It can be difficult for them to find a place where they feel happy and confident that their child is going to be taken care of. Providing tours, taster sessions of daycare services and open days can be a great way for parents to see exactly what’s on offer, meet carers and other parents and get to see how it all works. 

Meet with parents to discuss their concerns

Having some one-on-one time with parents ahead of their child starting daycare can be a good way to help ease some of their fears. Use it as a time when they can ask a range of questions and aim to provide honest, but reassuring answers. Understanding the concerns parents have about sending their kids to daycare will help you be prepared for these meetings, so you can all feel reassured and ready to go.

Help them see the benefits

Daycare has a lot of benefits for kids, but it can benefit parents too. From helping them find some time to themselves or to allow them to go back to work, there are a lot of good things about daycare that parents may not see as they’re too concerned about their fears.

Take the time to explain the benefits of daycare to parents, both for them and their child, to help make the transition a little easier to manage.

Provide parents with some useful resources

Kids will learn a lot at daycare, but parents will too. Helping parents be prepared for what’s to come with some resources and tips can make the world of difference, especially if they’re nervous or concerned about separation anxiety. From a list of what to bring to giving them a schedule they can follow, this will make the transition much simpler.

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Ensure there’s regular communication in place

Regular communication between daycare workers and parents is essential, and can make things feel much more like a community. There are some excellent apps for parent communication that can help them receive progress on their child throughout the day, as well as any important updates about life at daycare. Creating groups for parents can also be a good idea so that they can support and get to know each other. It can help alleviate a lot of concerns, while also ensuring that parents have an easy way to access the information they need.

Get to know them

Getting to know the families of the children in your care can have several benefits. Not only will it help you understand the child better and learn more about their personality, likes and dislikes, but it will also help you build relationships with their parents. You will be in their lives a lot, so making the effort to find out more about them can really help everyone feel more comfortable and bond too. 

Some of the things you can do to help with this include talking to them at drop off and pick up, inviting them to spend some time in the daycare center to see what goes on and to feel a part of what their child is up to. Regular correspondence can also help everyone get to know each other a little better for the best experience for everyone.

Enrolling a child in daycare signals a lot of change, for both parents and children. Working in a daycare center, you can make sure that parents feel completely at ease when they trust you to take care of their child, helping to provide the best possible experience for everyone. Help parents prepare for daycare and develop those lasting bonds from day one.

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