Hey there, fellow parents! Easter is just around the corner, and I can feel the excitement building up! I know how much you want to make this day unique and memorable for your little ones. But let’s be honest, Easter baskets can quickly become a sugar-fueled disaster zone. Fear not, though, because today, I’m sharing some Easter basket ideas for preschoolers that are not only fun but also sustainable. Prepare to impress your little ones with a basket they’ll absolutely adore!

Let’s start with the sustainable options. We all know that every little action we take can make a huge impact, especially on the environment. So why not start with some eco-friendly Easter basket items? Here are some of my top picks.

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Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Items

Open-Ended Toys

First and foremost, let’s talk about open-ended toys. These are toys that can be played with in multiple ways, promoting creativity and imagination in your child. These toys always make amazing gifts ideas for Easter baskets.

Wooden blocks are a classic example of an open-ended toy. You can never have too many blocks, as your child can build towers, castles, bridges, and more!

Magnatiles are another excellent option, allowing your child to create all kinds of shapes and structures using magnetic tiles.

Wooden trains are also a great choice, as they encourage role-playing, storytelling, and problem-solving. And let’s not forget marble runs!

Marble runs can be enjoyed by children of all ages, including adults, and promote hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and perseverance.

Open-Ended Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Reusable Water Bottle

A practical and easy way to promote sustainability is by including a reusable water bottle in your child’s Easter basket. Choose one with a fun design or color, and they can use it for school, sports, and other activities.

My favorite are these Customizable Yeti Water bottles. But you can also get some fun options on Etsy or Amazon.

Our Favorite Reusable Water Bottle Options

Natural, Non-Toxic Play Dough

If your child loves play dough, why not make your own using natural ingredients? This way, you can avoid the harsh chemicals in store-bought play dough and promote sustainability using reusable storage containers.

My homemade playdough recipe is foolproof and, when stored in an airtight container, like these or a leftover pasta jar, you’ll have fun for hours. Pair some playdough with our favorite playdough rollers and let your child get creative.

Gardening Kits

Teach your child about sustainability and the environment by planting a garden together. Gift them some small pots, potting soil, and seeds. Then encourage them to plant their seeds and watch what happens. Place the pots on a windowsill after you plant the seeds and watch what happens.

My favorite seed starting pots are coconut husk based (more environmentally friendly than peat moss) or these mini clay pots with this clay base. You can’t go wrong with this mix!

Hats, Swimsuit, and Sunglasses for Summer

Items your child will use this Summer make amazing gift ideas for your preschooler’s Easter basket. I love these adorable hats for kids and fun sunglasses. And I love a swimsuit made by @morganasitton at Storied Label.

Summer Favorites for the Easter Basket

Now, let’s move on to some Easter basket items that promote learning and creativity.

Easter Basket Items That Promote Learning and Creativity


You can never go wrong with books in an Easter basket. Choose ones your child will enjoy and promote learning, such as picture books about animals or books that teach basic concepts like colors or shapes.


Puzzles are an excellent way to promote problem-solving and cognitive development in young children. Choose ones with large pieces that are easy for little hands to grasp.

Musical Instruments

Music is a fantastic way to promote creativity and self-expression. Consider including a small musical instrument in your child’s Easter basket, such as a harmonica or xylophone.

Lastly, let’s talk about some fun and unique Easter basket ideas.

Fun and Unique Themed Easter Baskets

Art Supply Kit

Put together a small art supply kit with items like paintbrushes, watercolors, and sketchpads. This is an excellent option for children who love to draw and create.

DIY Craft Kit

Get creative and assemble a DIY craft kit for your child. Include items like glue, scissors, construction paper, and googly eyes. This is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination.

Outdoor Adventure Kit

For children who love spending time outside, put together an outdoor adventure kit. Include items like binoculars, a bug catcher, and a small magnifying glass.

Hey there, parents!

Are you ready to hop into the Easter spirit?

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There are so many ways to create a fun and sustainable Easter basket for your preschooler. You can make this holiday truly special by choosing items that promote learning, creativity, and sustainability. So go ahead, get creative, and put together a basket that your child will remember for years to come!

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