Dealing with life isn’t always easy. We likely don’t need to tell you that, because you’ve probably experienced it. Even those who we consider “fortunate” in life will have their fair share of difficulties and problems to deal with. This is natural to us all. But if you’re someone who tends to become quite anxious or troubled by general issues in life, added pressure can be worrisome and take a little time to digest. If it’s not a chronic mental health issue, then that’s fine, it may just be the way you were wired.

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However, sometimes major life effects can intensely affect this outlook. The loss of a job, or a relative, or suffering a crime can all be difficulties that cause us trouble and require time to heal form and plan our future against. Chief of all impactful moments in life involves having a child. For most parents, it is and will forever be the single most consequential experience in their lifetimes, and also one of the most wonderful.

If you find that despite this wonder and joy, your anxiety has gone haywire, you may wish to consider the following advice:

Find The Support That Assists

Sometimes you just need specific support that assists you and helps you feel less dazed. This might involve play therapy in autism if you’re struggling to nurture your child with extra learning needs or provisions in place. It might be that you need extra financial help or caregiving tokens to help you work a job and make sure your child is cared for. Doing everything all at once forevermore can be tough, so don’t be afraid to lean on every single eligibility you have, or every referral you can gain.

Take Your Time

Taking your time is very important in parenthood, and that means knowing you don’t have all the answers right now. It can also mean that over time, worthwhile measures are taken as opposed to you feeling thrown about by fate. For example, if you’re struggling to help your child build friends in school, letting them join an afterschool club and take steps towards connecting with others, or arranging playdates could help, but also letting this process naturally develop and for your child to come out of their shell can be just as important.

Accept Mistakes

It’s also important to accept mistakes if you can. It’s never easy to do so and give yourself the benefit of the doubt but we’re willing to bet that you’re not a bad parent who is totally inept, just a normal person trying to do your best who wants the utmost for their child. Thinking this way can help you rid yourself of that “all or nothing feeling” and curate a more appropriate sense of self. If you still struggle with your self-image, don’t be afraid to seek further help. You deserve any assistance you need.

With this advice, we hope you can avoid catastrophizing as an anxious parent, or gain the help you need if that’s difficult.

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