When it comes to creating a diverse home library for your one-year-old, you can do nothing better than head to your local bookstore and take a stroll up and down the children’s book section. You’ll find some amazing books pretty quickly. I typically opt for board books because little ones are TOUGH on books and board books just last longer. And I look for books that have vibrant pictures, real humans, and that I think my son will enjoy.

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Why Should You Create a Diverse Home Library for Your One-Year-Old?

There are SO MANY reasons it’s important to create a diverse home library for your one-year-old, but some of the most important reasons are:

  • It is important for all children to see themselves represented in books as well as other children represented in books, in order to identify that we live in a diverse society.
  • Children can learn that other families have different traditions and beliefs than their families, and that it’s important to recognize and respect our differences.
  • Books teach children compassion and empathy, which is something they will need all of their life.

I am still learning about how to have these tough conversation with my children, but I am commited to doing the work. Feel free to DM me or message me if you have any questions. I may not have the answers but I can help you find literature to read, new anti-racist educators to follow, and share with you my favorite resources. Some of which I have included below.

My Favorite Resources for Educating Myself

Reminder: Going into the space of any of the accounts above means you are agreeing to not treat them like Google or demand emotional labor by processing your understanding and questions in the comments section. Go in to read and listen and most of the time? Stay quiet. Thank you.

My favorite books from our diverse home library for our one-year-old

Think Big, Little One Book Cover

Think Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

This book is loved by our entire family. The simple illustrations and short sentences make it fun and easy to read. This is a great one to add to your library!

All Kids Are Good Kids, a Diverse book for your home library

All Kids Are Good Kids by Judy Carey Nevin

The colors in this book are just amazing! And the illustrations by Susie Hammer are so delightful and fun. This book shows all children doing things that children do, like building pillow forts and belly laughing!

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

This sweet book is about how babies may be born in different places, but they all have ten little fingers and ten little toes, showing that even though our lives may look different, they’re really not different at all. It’s a precious addition to your diverse home library for your one-year-old.

I Love Me

I Love Me by Sally Morgan

This bright and rhythmic book is all about the things that make YOU, you. It talks about loving the way your body twirls, how your hands clap, and how you should love yourself in all of your emotions, whether they’re happy, sad, small, quiet, large, loud, or proud.

Global Babies | A great book for teaching children empathy and sharing diverse worlds

Global Babies | A Global Fund for Children Book

This sweet book is an amazing way to build empathy. It shows children a look at babies around the world and introduces different clothing, traditions, and daily routines that other babies have.

I Like Myself

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Another sweet book that is great for building self-esteem and making sure children understand that they are special and deserve to love every little piece of themselves.

Besos for Baby

Besos for Baby | A Little Book of Kisses by Jen Arena

This adorable book is a great addition to a diverse home library for your one-year-old. It’s written in English and Spanish in a great back and forth pattern.

Baby Feminists Too

Baby Feminists Too by Libby Babbott-Klein

This wonderful sequel to Baby Feminists is such fun! It reminds children (and adults) that strong feminists (like Abby Wambach, Amelia Earhart, and Nelson Mandela) were all once babies too.

I Love All of Me

I Love All of Me | Wonderful Me

Another book that makes the best addition to a diverse home library for your one-year-old. These bright colors and simple sentences are so fun for your little one! All ethnicities are represented in this book and teach children to love ALL of themselves.

The Peace Book

The Peace Book by Todd Parr

This is just one of the sweetest books. It gives many examples of what “peace” looks like. For example, “Peace is thinking about someone you love.” or “Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them.” What’s not to love about teaching this type of peace to your little one? This is another ideal addition to a diverse home library for your one-year-old.

Love Makes a Family, A great book for a diverse home library for your one-year-old

Love Makes a Family by Sohie Beer

Another household favorite in our diverse home library for our one-year-old. This book is a little bigger and so our son loves to pull it out and look at all the families. Love is what makes a family, and this message is so important to share with children as soon as possible.

The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

I could go on and on about this book ALL DAY. It’s an oldie but goodie. The writing is superb, the illustrations are adorable, and it’s a perfect book to bring to a diverse home library for a one-year-old.

Counting with Frida

Counting with Frida | Contando con Frida

Last but not least, this entire series of books is such a great baby gift for an expecting mother or a first birthday gift for your niece or nephew. They’re so fun, sturdy, and bilingual! Teach your little one simple Spanish words to introduce them to other languages.

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