If you are looking for ideas for a fairy garden or a fun gardening project for the whole family, you’ll love this addition. Fairy gardens are magical, beautiful, and easy to make, and you can build one in your own backyard.

Find your fairy garden location

You do not need a lot of space to create a fairy garden you and your kids will love. All you need is a suitably sized container with a drainage hole, a bag of high-quality potting soil, and some plants. You can make your fairy garden as big or small as you like, and you can even build an assortment of fairy gardens scattered around your backyard and patio.

A fairy garden contains just a few simple elements, but those elements come together in a truly magical way. A tiny bush is transformed into a magnificent tree in a typical fairy garden. The landscape is “furnished” with twigs and leaves, and magical spirits and other woodland creatures come to a party in your backyard.

Before and after

Ideas for gathering fairy garden materials

The first step in creating your fairy garden is to plan it all out. This is a fun step and a chance for your kids to use their creativity and imagination. Fill the container with potting soil, then ask your child to sketch out their design ideas for the fairy garden. During the planning phase, you will decide where everything will go, from significant landscape elements like miniature bushes to wooden furniture in the form of sticks and twigs.

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Once you know where everything is going, simply remove enough potting soil to accommodate your plants. Boxwoods are perfect for the fairy garden, but you can use any suitably sized plants you like. Flowering plants are also excellent choices as fairy garden ideas, and they will give additional color to your outdoor landscape.

Decorate your fairy garden

Once your plants and flowers are in place, you, or your child, can decorate the fairy garden with an assortment of natural elements. Collecting colorful stones, pebbles, and autumn leaves is a big part of the fun and something your child will enjoy. For more fairy garden ideas, you can add tiny houses, bird nests, and other suitable accents from the local craft store if you like.

The great thing about building a fairy garden is that it can be an ongoing project. Every morning, your miniature fairy garden builder will bound out of the house, looking for signs of tiny visitors in the night. They can build small homes for their imaginary friends, complete with twisted twig walls and stone walkways. No matter how they build or how many visitors they receive, building and maintaining a fairy garden can spark the imagination and help your family come together.

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