Math basics are essential so you may be wondering how to include preschool math activities into your daily life. From compiling a grocery list and developing a household budget to saving for retirement and making complex financial decisions, a deep understanding of mathematics drives it all, no matter your age!

Sadly, many children still dislike math. Even students who claim to like math often worry that they are not good at it, and it is up to us, as parents, to turn that thinking around.

If you fear your child is falling behind in math class or failing to grasp basic mathematical concepts, there are extremely simple preschool math activities you can use to make the subject fun. First and foremost, don’t focus on the “traditional” math algorithms and memory tricks we learned growing up. You want to develop a strong number sense for your children, which means they need to create their own understanding of numbers. Making math exciting and engaging for young people is the focus, and here are some easy ways to make that happen.

Preschool Math Activities to Make Learning Fun

Break Out the Math Games

Simple math games are great for developing a strong foundation for numeracy. If you’re nervous about your child’s comfort and abilities in math, the basics are where to start, no matter how old they are. Let your child count on their fingers. Let them use math manipulatives. Let them draw pictures on paper (please! this is such a great learning strategy). Just playing a game of 21 a few times a week will help build those numeracy basics. I love these large foam dice.

Practice basic math skills with

My Favorite Math Games for Kids

You can use these simple math games for kids to help your children gain stronger numeracy which will help them be successful mathematicians throughout their life.

Take Your Child Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping with the kids may be stressful for you, but it can be a prime learning opportunity for them. Preschool math is not all about classroom lessons and block counting; practical activities can be just as instructive.

Parents can count with their kids as the items fill up the cart, teaching basic mathematical concepts in the process. These simple preschool math activities can make otherwise abstract concepts easier to grasp for young children. They can also identify numbers on price tags, weigh produce, and compare value or prices.

Build on Classroom Activities

If your child attends a preschool or daycare, talk to the teachers and brainstorm ways to build on classroom activities. The things you do at home with your child can reinforce classroom concepts while building a love of math for the next generation.

Engage in Everyday Counting

Basic concepts like addition and subtraction are essential building blocks for all forms of higher math, including subjects like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. While your preschooler may not be ready for trig and calc classes, they can use their counting skills every day and develop a strong number sense, which will benefit them eternally.

There are plenty of ways to encourage counting skills and a love of math in your child. When you drive around town, ask your child to count the number of stop signs or red lights. When you go shopping, ask your preschooler to add up the number of items in the cart. When you watch TV, ask about the number of dogs shown on the screen; the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to preschool math activities.

Use An Allowance as a Teaching Tool

Even young children can understand mathematical concepts like money and making change. Providing an allowance is a great way to reinforce those lessons. Even young children can benefit from having an allowance, especially if those monetary gifts are accompanied by fun mathematical instructions.

You can start by giving your child a piggy bank, then slowly counting the coins as they go into the slot. Over time, your child can learn about basic math as they count up the amount of money they have saved.

Teaching your child preschool math does not have to be difficult with these preschool math activities, and it should definitely not be boring. If you want to prepare your son or daughter for the real world, the mathematical activities outlined above can help you get started.

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Free Ten Frame Activities

Did you know a simple ten frame can create opportunities for learning? Your preschooler will love adding items to their ten frames. Just print them out and go – you’ll build their numeracy in no time!

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